Benefits of machine safety equipment.

Machine safety equipment lowers risk to operators, maintenance or other humans and helps keep a hazardous process or operation (human or automated) from causing harm to itself, individuals, other processes, the plant, environment or other surroundings. A wide variety of industry and government organizations set codes, standards, recommendations and best practices, many of them requiring or suggesting documentation to ensure compliance and or training for equipment manufacturers, system integrators and or users. Safety equipment can be passive, such as a gate or barrier; in hardware or software design such as slowing or stopping a robot if a human nears, or active, such as a light curtain or area sensor or safety pressure mat that halts a process when triggered.
Machine Safety May 18, 2020

A look at electrical safety programs

The 2020 Plant Engineering electrical safety survey examines how your plants’ electrical safety programs measure up

By Jack Smith and Amanda Pelliccione