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Ethernet for Machines: A Timely Choice
To achieve demanding performance and control requirements in industrial environments, two-way communication is required among machines, robots, and control centers. Network failures are costly. Find out why today’s industrial Ethernet and related protocols are the communications strategy of choice.
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Understanding a Key Trend in Embedded System Design
As embedded applications grow in complexity, hardware architectures and embedded system design tools must evolve. System designers are migrating to computing architectures featuring multiple distinct processing elements, heterogeneous architectures, to provide a more optimal balance between throughput, latency, flexibility, cost, and other factors. Learn more about this key trend in embedded systems design.
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Buying A Vision System: 10 Questions You Must Ask
With so many vision systems available today, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which one is right for your particular application. This expert guide will help you to ask the right questions.
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What’s New In Multi Touch Technology?
What is a Multi Touch Screen? Everyone is beginning to interact with multi-touch technology on daily basis, including panel operators and engineers. Multi touch technology can make operators more productive and facilities more profitable.
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Fundamentals of Industrial Encoder Sensing Technologies, Motion Detection Theory and Methods, and Signal Output Styles
In this paper from AutomationDirect, we discuss fundamentals of industrial encoder sensing technologies, motion detection theory and methods, and signal output styles.
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Machine Vision for Factory Automation
Replacing human inspection with machine vision can go far in automating factory operation, but implementers need to carefully match machine vision options with application requirements.
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