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5 Ways Modern Integrated Automation Makes Plants Safer
By upgrading automation technology, manufacturing plants can integrate safety functionality into all standard components for improved system performance and productivity. Here's 5 ways advanced safety technology helps plants exceed global safety-compliance requirements quickly and cost-effectively.
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Wireless Gas Monitoring: The emerging solution for improving plant safety
Discover how advances in wireless communications and battery technology have led to gas monitoring that can significantly increase your coverage area and the safety of your workers, gather and report data—all with minimal financial expense.
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eBook: Next Generation Cables for Factory Automation
Download our eBook for a closer look at some of the next generation cables that can get you prepared for factory automation 4.0, maximize productivity and minimize downtime.
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Keep an Eye on Production with This Smart Factory Solution
Collecting and analyzing production and equipment data is a big challenge. ADLINK recently demonstrated a smart factory system that monitors production lines in real time, and predicts order fulfillment and maintenance needs. Learn how this end-to-end data analytics platform, with a data acquisition unit and smart cameras, helps increase factory productivity.
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