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Addressing Hazardous Areas Safety Requirements with Properly Designed Intrinsically Safe and Ex Approved HMIs and Panel PC Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry
This paper explores the basics of fire and explosion safety issues, legislation, regulations and global standards, and compares Class/Division Hazardous Location vs. Zone Hazardous Area Classifications and Protections primarily for Oil & Gas Refineries, Chemical Processing and Transport Operations.
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Your supply chain is under attack: Learn how to adapt to new and evolving threats
Learn how to protect your supply chain against hostile perpetrators like regulations, material shortages and counterfeit parts to better protect your company and your customers.
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Proof-of-concept for hardware-assisted hypervisor technology for real-time virtualization platform
Learn how applications can benefit from hypervisor technology and explains how Kontron pre-integrates visualization technologies such as the Hypervisor from Real-Time systems into its embedded hardware offerings.
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Know your TCO – A Look at Medium Voltage VFDs
Medium voltage VFDs are high cost, high consideration assets that greatly improve process control and efficiency in manufacturing facilities. It is vital that you and your company understand the TCO of this asset.
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