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Lubricant consolidation New fluid consolidation program reduces overall maintenance costs and extends equipment life. The program is a combination of Molykote high-performance synthetic and mineral-based products and support services. It features lubrication management software, integrated oil analysis service, and immediate access to a wide supply distribution network.


Lubricant consolidation

New fluid consolidation program reduces overall maintenance costs and extends equipment life. The program is a combination of Molykote high-performance synthetic and mineral-based products and support services. It features lubrication management software, integrated oil analysis service, and immediate access to a wide supply distribution network. An 8-p brochure describes product offerings, benefits, and more.

Dow Corning Corp.

Circle 316

Vehicle charger

The PosiCharge Multi-Vehicle System (MVS) is a fast charger that can handle 4%%MDASSML%%10 trucks at once, depending on battery size and state of charge. The MVS installs in operations where vehicles use 1.5 or more batteries/day and can get vehicles up and operational in 20%%MDASSML%%60 min. A 4-p brochure illustrates the system and explains the 12-mo return on investment.

AeroVironment, Inc.

Circle 317

Gas monitoring

An 8-p bulletin describes continuous monitors for detecting toxic gases, oxygen, and combustible gases. The literature explains the applications for gas sensors and transmitters, safety and health monitors, gas monitoring controllers, HVAC monitors, sampling systems, and calibration kits.

MSA Instrument Div.

Circle 318

Workspace products

New 196-p general catalog features 4500 workspace products, including wire shelving, racks, storage cabinets, furniture, and more.

Lyon Workspace Products

Circle 319

Workstation cranes

A 12-p brochure highlights a line of workstation bridge and jib cranes from 150%%MDASSML%%4000-lb capacities. The literature lists features, options, and applications.

Gorbel, Inc.

Circle 320

Belt conveyor products and accessories

A new 20-p catalog provides information on a variety of belt conveyor products and accessories to solve everyday operating problems by removing carryback residue, keeping belts tracking true, avoiding off-center loading, barring fugitive material from jamming tail pulleys, and preventing spillage under skirtboards.


Circle 321

Electrical interconnects

Innovative Design Solutions is a 100-p sourcebook for custom electrical interconnects. It is not a catalog of off-the-shelf products, but rather a collection of solutions to interconnect problems for very specific, highly technical applications. The book is divided into five sections: multicycle test connectors, product connectors, board-to-board connectors and interfaces, high performance test sockets and sourcebook.


Circle 322

Pollution control

An 8-p brochure, What Happens to Your Hazardous Wastes: A Buyer's Guide to Pollution Control , helps a company assess if it receiving proper value for its investment in waste handling services in relation to the environment. A "reverse pyramid" illustrates the best techniques and practices for protecting the environment. Liability issues and pricing information are included in the literature.

Safety-Kleen Corp.

Circle 323

Lift trucks

A complete line of lift trucks is featured in a 6-p brochure. Photos are provided.

Crown Equipment Corp.

Circle 324

Fluid replacement

An 8-p guide explains how Sqwincher electrolyte replacement drink helps reduce the risk of heat stress. A chart shows the effects of heat stress on the body and explains why workers need to consume fluids when performing jobs in intense heat. The product is available in liquid or powder forms.

The Sqwincher Corp.

Circle 325

Hand tools for pipe welding

A 12-p buyer's guide presents a line of abrasive and wire brush hand tools specifically for pipeline weld preparation, cleaning, and finishing tasks. More than 130 products are featured in the guide. Products include stringer bead; knot and encapsulated wire wheels; crimped, knot, and encapsulated cup brushes; and more.

Pferd, Inc.

Circle 326

Welding safety

A new 40-p catalog features a variety of personal protective items for welding safety. Products include welding helmets, lenses, and respiratory systems.

Hornell, Inc.

Circle 327

Adjustable frequency drive

Free guide details the FCM 300 integrated motor/adjustable frequency drive. The guide contains a product overview, general technical data, and product specifications. NEMA and IEC dimensions are also provided.

Danfoss Drives

Circle 328

SPF technology

A 4-p brochure discusses benefits of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) technology for roofing applications. The literature lists product benefits, performance data, and information on sustainability. An easy-to-read comparison chart outlines maintenance, physical properties, weather resistance, and installation requirements.

BASF Corp., Urethanes Div.

Circle 329

EAM solutions

New 24-p brochure presents enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions using Mainsaver software modules. The literature offers screenshots and captions that guide the user through work requests, work orders, dispatching, preventive maintenance, and more.

Cayenta, Inc.

Circle 330

Measurement and automation

Comprehensive catalog is a valuable reference to measurement and automation solutions. The publication is also available on the company's web site.

National Instruments

Circle 331

Digital laser optic sensors

The LV Series of digital laser optic sensors incorporates a number of industry firsts, including ultra-long-range detection, combined with high speed and high accuracy in a compact design for easy mounting. Their long-range detection of up to 1000 mm makes them ideal for remote installation in harsh or hazardous environments. A 12-p brochure includes technical data, photos, and dimensional information.

Keyence Corp. of America

Circle 332


A 60-p catalog features lifting and spreader beams, coil hooks, vertical eye coil grabs, and other lifting products.

The Caldwell Group, Inc.

Circle 333


More than 20 models of dataloggers are featured in a new 20-p catalog. This unique datalogger requires no user set up and has the ability to automatically adjust scale and sample rate to optimize itself to the recording. A Windows-based software package is included, which allows plotting, statistical analysis, text annotation, and zoom capability.

AEMC Instruments

Circle 334

High-rate sortation

The QuadSorter is an ultra-high-rate unit sorter with the capacity to handle more than 41,000 items/hr. The sorter can move products ranging from 2 in. 3 2 in. 3 0.05 in. through 31.5 in. 3 35.5 in 3 23.5 in. A 4-p brochure lists capacity, components, special features, and more.

Rapistan Systems

Circle 335

Machine safety products

New 336-p catalog offers safety solutions for every application, including optical safety systems, safety modules, safety interlock switches, and more than 30 new products. The catalog includes specifications, product photos, application diagrams, glossary, reference charts, and more.

Banner Engineering Corp.

Circle 336

Motors and drives

A 292-p full-line motors and drives catalog offers NEMA specifications, mechanical and electrical data, and new product information. The catalog is divided into sections for easy product location.

WEG Electric Motors Corp.

Circle 337

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