System Integration
Colorado State University students work on a Malisko Engineering automation and information system for the school’s on-campus brewery. Courtesy: Malisko Engineering Inc.
System Integration December 11, 2018

Raise a glass to integration!

Colorado State University's CSU) on-campus brewery is an automation leader with its Fermentation Science and Technology (FST) program.

By Dan Malyszko
The unique design of the Macallan distillery in Scotland is matched by its unique three-pod production system which presented a challenge for Elite Control System, the integrator on the project. Courtesy: Elite Control Systems
System Integration December 11, 2018

Whisky distilling by design to enhance control system integration

Modern control system preserves The Macallan’s singular tradition.

By MacAllan Distillery
Energy, Power
Energy, Power December 15, 2018

Researchers use thermal transistor to protect electronic devices from overheating

A Stanford-led engineering team has developed a way to not only manage heat produced by electronic devices with a thermal transistor, which can conduct heat away from electronic components and insulate them against its damaging effects.

By Andrew Myers
Workforce Development
Courtesy: Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Workforce Development November 28, 2018

Group completes third review and update of the original Automation Competency Model

The Automation Federation (AF) convened to perform the third critical review of the Automation Competency Model (ACM) since its inception in 2008.

By Automation Federation
System Integrators
Courtesy: CFE Media
System Integrators December 15, 2018

CSIA Best Practices provide business value

Best practices for integrators can create a great deal of improvement for a company's business performance and their clients' satisfaction.

By Jeff Miller, PMP
Project Management
Project Management July 8, 2018

Insurance for integration projects

Insurance can make many of a system integrator’s problems someone else’s problems. Insurance obligations are part of most system integration project contracts. Engineering projects often need multiple types of insurance to have appropriate coverage.

By Brian Clifford, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Energy Efficiency
MIT researchers propose a concept for a renewable storage system, pictured here, that would store solar and wind energy in the form of white-hot liquid silicon, stored in heavily insulated tanks. Courtesy: Duncan MacGruer, MIT
Energy Efficiency December 7, 2018

Renewable energy device developed for the grid using pump with record heat tolerance

MIT researchers have designed a system that provides solar- or wind-generated power on demand using a pump that can withstand extreme heat.

By Jennifer Chu