System Integration

Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
System Integration February 6, 2021

Modernize legacy distributed control systems for a competitive edge

Expiration dates on legacy distributed control systems (DCSs) lead to component failure, high replacement costs and downtime. New process control system infrastructure brings open communications, easier integration, faster responses, analytics, advanced controls, virtualization and simulation for next-generation engineers.

By Travis Giebler and Hayden Serio
Courtesy: Honeywell’s Workforce Competency Solutions
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 2, 2021

Control Engineering hot topics, January 2021

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in January 2021 included stories about top 5 VFD parameter changes explained, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), using IIoT for a more energy-efficient pump environment, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Courtesy: Mesoscale Materials Science Group, Rice University
AI and Machine Learning May 5, 2021

Neural nets used to rethink material design for batteries, more

Rice University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, researchers introduced are using machine learning predict the evolution of microstructures in materials, which could change how items like batteries and other structures are made.

By Mike Williams
Workforce Development April 16, 2021

How remote working helps people share knowledge, experiences

Working remotely is forcing people to collaborate and coming up with more innovation solutions in new ways, which can inspire and build confidence in a team.

By Jean Huang
Courtesy: Patti Engineering
Simulators, Optimizers May 5, 2021

Five technologies that can help manufacturers evolve after COVID-19

There are many currently available technologies that can help keep manufacturers productive right away as everyone adjusts to the new normal.

By Patti Engineering
Courtesy: Malisko Engineering Inc.
System Integration December 16, 2020

Integrators improve service value by moving providing an XaaS model

Integrators improve their value to manufacturers by adapting to a delivery system inspired by a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which takes on many forms

By Stephen J. Malyszko
Courtesy: Christopher Moore, Georgia Tech
Energy, Power April 20, 2021

Leveraging the 5G network to wirelessly power IoT devices

Turning 5G networks into a wireless power grid for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that need batteries to operate could eliminate them altogether down the road.

By Anne Wainscott-Sargent