System Integration

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System Integration March 9, 2020

Standards capture stranded data, help with device design, data integration

Standards update: Integrated systems and standards help support advanced information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) collaboration and optimization in three key ways. Also see four advantages of future process automation facilities.

By Ted Masters
Opto 22’s groov EPIC is built on open technologies like Linux and MQTT to support a future that can share more and do more. The groov EPIC controller won a 2020 Engineers’ Choice Award in the Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity – Edge Controller category. Courtesy: Opto 22
System Integration February 12, 2020

Five automation design tips for the future

Automation design and system integration: When designing automation for the future, consider open source, capital costs, evolution, multi-vendor capability and cybersecurity.

By Josh Eastburn
Courtesy: University of Houston
Energy, Power July 17, 2021

Organic-based, solid-state lithium EV battery developed with altered microstructure

University of Houston and Rice University researchers have discovered that thanol solvent boosts battery energy density, which could improve electric vehicles (EVs) and other battery-dependent machines.

By Nicole Johnson
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Workforce Development November 23, 2021

Groups launch partnership supporting STEM and technical education

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), DuPont and Discovery Education announced a partnership that will increase STEM instructional resources, as well as other career and technical education programs.

By Discovery Education
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System Integrators October 25, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering articles October 18-24, 2021

Articles about Engineers' Choice finalists, system integrators and cybersecurity, UV light and COVID-19, digitalization and the automation and controls market were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 18-24, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
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Project Management October 30, 2021

Five ways to make site visits beneficial

Site visit extensions can sometimes be unavoidable for system integrators, but consider these five tips to make them more manageable and beneficial when they do occur.

By Gabrielle Hewitt
NREL scientists Eric Karp (left), Davinia Salvachua, Jeffery Linger, and Patrick Saboe have developed an energy-efficient and cost-effective process to produce butyric acid from biomass, which can be used as a precursor for renewable diesel and jet fuel. Courtesy: Dennis Schroeder, NREL
Energy Efficiency November 15, 2021

Biomass process developed for renewable butyric acid

Scientists have developed an energy-efficient and cost-effective process to produce butyric acid from biomass.

By National Renewable Energy Laboratory