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System Integration April 8, 2024

AX / KX Stainless Steel Enclosures

The new AX and KX Stainless Steel enclosures from Rittal are the answer as they have been designed specifically with planners, project managers, engineers, and panel builders in mind. Here’s how the AX and KX Stainless Steel Enclosures can help you: Time-Saving Fit-Out: Flexible interior fit-out options without drilling to save time and resources Optimal Durability: High-grade stainless steel construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance even in extreme conditions Shorter Lead Times: Off-the-shelf availability for swift project implementation and reduced delivery times. Discover the numerous benefits the AX/KX Stainless Steel enclosures have to offer.

Rittal North America
Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 3, 2024

Flowmeter for water and wastewater applications

The new ABB flowmeter offers robust and simplified solution for water and wastewater applications. The ProcessMaster FEW630 is a new robust and easy to use electromagnetic flowmeter for municipal and industrial water and wastewater flow measurement.  It has easy setup and operation minimize commissioning time and overcome skills barriers.

Industrial PCs April 2, 2024

Stainless steel panel PC series

Our stainless steel panel PCs are our best sellers and the products with which 2IPS got started. We are very knowledgeable about this market and have built on our extensive experience hand in hand with our long-standing customers over time. This product range is suitable for use in humid and intensive washing environments, especially industry sectors where equipment reliability is a major concern.

Vision and Discrete Sensors April 2, 2024

Light Hub for Zebra Iris GTX Smart Cameras

Advanced Illumination, the originators of LED lighting for machine vision, is announcing the release of a new class of LED lighting controllers, aimed at revolutionizing machine vision system building through the simplification of camera, light, and I/O accessory interconnectivity. This machine vision solution cuts down on cost and setup time by operating as the connection “hub” between essential machine vision components. Starting with a variant that connects to Zebra’s popular line of Iris GTX Smart Cameras (previously part of Matrox Imaging), Advanced Illumination has developed the Light Hub for Zebra Iris GTX Smart Cameras. Also known as the HCS-150-ZEB (ZEB for Zebra), this Light Hub is capable of directly powering its connected Zebra camera, while providing essential I/O functionality like triggering and analog dimming control between the connected light head, the Zebra camera, and any connected I/O accessories. Because this SignaTech-enabled controller can supply 4 amps of continuous output and up to 10 amps of overdrive strobe, users don’t need to compromise with their machine vision lighting.

Cognex Corporation
Data Centers April 1, 2024

SLA36385A Series

ITG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has launched a line of narrow body power beads for high-density applications where component space is at a premium. With a footprint of just 5X9mm and a height of 9.5mm, the company’s SLA36385A Series are ideal for data centers, primary mother boards for servers and storage devices, and other scenarios requiring components to offer high current with low footprint.   Featuring more than a dozen items, ITG Electronics SLA36385A Series features inductance values ranging from 35-470nH; the 35nH component can handle more than 200 amperes of current, with approximately 20% roll off. Each item in the series offers a low DC resistance rate of 0.125mOhm for high-current functionality.

Energy Management March 30, 2024


KS101-EHL Product Key Communication Message High Performance and Cost Efficiency The KS101-EHL, equipped with Intel Atom X series processors designed for energy efficiency, is ideal for prolonged operation and cost-effective energy usage. The quad-core Intel ATOM Processor x6413E and x6425E deliver multitasking performance for light industrial applications. Compared to the previous KS101-BT model (featuring Intel Celeron Processor J1900), the KS101-EHL (featuring Intel Atom Processor x6413E) achieves an impressive 235% CPU processing performance improvement— all at a competitive price.   Rugged Design The KS101-EHL supports ten-point touch, allowing users to operate the screen with different material gloves and in wet conditions.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors March 26, 2024

Kwik Turn 5-C Cylindrical Indexing Rotary Fixture

The KT-5C Cylindrical attachment is designed to handle larger and heavier cylindrical or multi-sided parts. In addition to the 6” diameter 3 jaw chuck, the system features a precision ground 5-C collet spindle that accepts industry standard lathe collets. The Kwik Turn heavy-duty rotary attachment adds another axis used to mark round parts or multi-sided parts. Like all Kwik Mark products, it is pre-programmed.

Kwik Mark Inc.
Motors and Drives March 26, 2024

Ball grid array solid state drives

NVMe NANDrive EX and PX series solid state drives (SSDs) provide reliable data storage in a small form factor, industry standard 16 x 20mm ball grid array (BGA) package. Operating between -40 and +95 degrees Celsius, NVMe NANDrive SSDs offer high endurance (up to market leading 400K P/E cycles for EX Series, 5K P/E cycles for PX Series), fast performance (up to 2,400/1,480 MB/s sequential R/W) and advanced security (AES-256 hardware encryption). NVMe NANDrive EX Series SSDs using EnduroSLC Technology offers superior data retention and ultra-high endurance of 75K, 150K and market-leading 400K P/E cycles. Available in 20GB, 40GB, 80GB and 160GB capacities, NVMe NANDrive EX Series SSDs are included in Greenliant’s Long-Term Availability (LTA) program. NVMe NANDrive PX Series SSDs use industrial TLC NAND and support 5K P/E cycles.

Greenliant Systems
Process Instrumentation and Sensors March 25, 2024

FT-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

ONICON’s FT-3500 series is a versatile insertion electromagnetic flow meter and thermal energy measurement system. Designed to measure electrically conductive liquids in a variety of applications, the FT-3500 features a remote touch screen display that allows users to interact intuitively with measurement values, application details, and configuration settings. The advanced FT-3500 transmitter features a native BACnet and MODBUS communication protocol via IP or RS485, as well as a dual analog output for flow or energy rate.

ONICON Incorporated
Data Acquisition, DAQ March 25, 2024


Mobile Medical All-in-One PC with Alder Lake CPU Mobile data collection in hospitals. With the EN60601 certified WMP-24P from ICP Germany, this requirement can be met with ease. The WMP-24P All-in-One PC has a 23.8" display and offers a resolution of 1920x1080.

ICP Deutschland GmbH