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Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 27, 2024

Moisture sensors for the food and beverage industry

MoistTech Corp., the global leader in moisture measurement and control, is excited to announce the IR3000-F series moisture sensors featuring cutting-edge NIR (Near Infrared) technology for exceptionally accurate and reliable moisture analysis of virtually any product or raw material. The instant, continuous moisture measurement significantly enhances quality, productivity and energy efficiency in the food industry. The MoistTech state-of-the-art near-infrared technology achieves unparalleled accuracy, delivering true, repeatable results year after year with little or no maintenance. Pre-calibrated in the factory with customer samples, the IR3000-F is guaranteed to never drift over time or need recalibration.

Motors and Drives February 26, 2024

Frequency converters adjusting output frequency

GoHz Frequency Converters can convert 400Hz power to 50Hz or 60Hz power by adjusting the output frequency. There are also variable frequency power supplies that can convert 60Hz power to 50Hz power. Customizing different input voltages of 115V or other conventional voltages and output voltages of 0-300V (110V/115V/220V/240V) is available.

GoHz AC Power Supply
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 23, 2024

PC built to connect industrial floor to cloud

Emerson announced the new PACSystems IPC 2010 Compact Industrial PC (IPC), a rugged industrial computer designed to handle a wide range of machine and discrete part manufacturing automation applications. The new solution is designed to serve manufacturing sites and OEM machine builders who need a ruggedized, compact, durable IPC to cost-effectively support their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other digital transformation initiatives. The IPC 2010 addresses this by pre-loading the PACEdge industrial edge platform and elements of Movicon.NExT SCADA software, helping users run applications quickly using browser-based configuration. Provisions are included for keeping the software platform current and passively maintained, minimizing user effort, while maximizing reliability. Running an industrial version of Linux, and including serial and Ethernet connectivity, the IPC 2010 can be used as a communications gateway in a variety of topologies, and simultaneously or separately as an edge computing device. Users can implement the IPC 2010 as a flexible protocol converter—and for many other computing functions—in many IIoT, edge, OT/IT convergence, HMI visualization, SCADA connectivity, and digital transformation roles. Both the hardware and software are designed to be adaptable, universal, and scalable, providing a standardized and unified user experience that is easy-to-use, powerful, and supported by Emerson’s lifecycle services.

Emerson Systems
PLCs, PACs February 22, 2024

Combined PLC & HMI with increased display size and I/O options

IDEC Corporation has expanded its SmartAXIS touch family with the new FT2J Series combined PLC+HMI. A compact all-in-one form factor combines built-in full function controller features and functions, both onboard and expandable I/O, and an advanced technology 7 inch touchscreen display, providing many advantages for a wide variety of industries. An all-in-one PLC+HMI is compact and consumes far less panel space than separate units. Because the PLC and HMI are internally connected, require only one power supply, and share the same network connection, installation is simplified.

Power February 21, 2024

Flexible power system family

OmniOn Power has expanded its recently announced BPS power system family with its new BPS-Flex, providing advanced controller features in a compact, cost-efficient footprint. The power system offers a broad range of power, from 2 to 18 kilowatts (kW), depending on the number of shelves and rectifiers used and if battery backup is mandatory or not. The configurable, -48V power system can include up to two 1RU rectifier shelves and a primary distribution panel. Supplemental distribution panels can be added as well, if required.

ABB Power Conversion
Process Safety February 20, 2024

Process Efficiency Network

The Process Efficiency Network is a Leading-Edge Platform to Assist Manufacturers with Operational Efficiency. Whether you are seeking to optimize your processes, reduce waste, or need to troubleshoot a system issue, this cutting-edge digital platform will assist you in your drive for process efficiency improvement. The Network is FREE to use at a basic level, with advanced features available for license. Our free features will help to save companies thousands of dollars every year, with advanced features providing an even more powerful approach to efficiency improvement and cost reduction. By simply creating a FREE account, users gain access to a wealth of resources specifically tailored to meet the needs of engineers, managers, and manufacturing professionals. Learn more at:

PROCOR Technologies, Inc.
Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 20, 2024

The electrification of applications with linear actuators

Thomson Industries, Inc, a leading manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has released a video: 'Clean and Simple: The Electrification of Applications with Linear Actuators,' which highlights the growing trend towards electric actuators and the advantages they bring over traditional technologies such as hydraulic, pneumatic and even manual actuation. For decades, hydraulic and pneumatic systems have been the preferred choice for heavy duty applications. However, these systems pose challenges, including complexity, noise, high energy consumption, safety concerns and adverse environmental impact. Electric actuators are now changing the game.

Electrical February 6, 2024

59177 Series

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, introduces the 59177 Series ultra-miniature overmolded reed switch. This switch offers designers unparalleled flexibility for space-constrained applications.

Power Quality February 6, 2024

Three-phase monitoring relay

Teledyne Relays new three-phase sequence/loss/undervoltage monitoring relay series is a state-of-the-art relay designed to address critical power quality issues such as incorrect phase sequence, total and partial phase loss, and undervoltage. It is ideal for protecting motors and other 3-phase powered machinery from the damaging and dangerous effects of phase anomalies and undervoltage.

Teledyne Relays
Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 1, 2024

Self-Clean Package Retrofit

Lead Oxide reduces the equipment’s ability to dry and requires increased temperatures to perform to specifications. By returning the conveyor belt through the bottom of the lower supply duct with this retrofit, the duct remains clean and clear of lead oxide build up. This also eliminates the need to physically clean the lower duct doors individually.   ITS’ simple Self-Cleaning Retrofit for Existing conveyor belt ovens and Flashdrying Ovens is safer, saves time, money, and energy. The Retrofit Package Includes: ·     Reduction in oven temperatures by up to 60°F ·     Reduces facility energy and maintenance costs ·     Quality of production improved due to consistency of temperature ·     Conveyor belt returned below the oven ·     Reduces energy consumption ·     Reduces the time required to perform maintenance ·     Enhanced Employee Safety ·     Reduction in airborne lead oxide particles with optional vacuum connection ·     Custom Engineered Kit ensures existing system architecture and operation are retained.

International Thermal Systems