The Bridging the Gap Podcast discusses major industry topics and features experts covering everything from Artificial Intelligence to technology integration. Tune in to stay on top of the latest trends and tactics. Hosted by Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall.

Ep. 9: Xavier Mesrobian on connecting OT and IT

IT/OT convergence has been a major topic of conversation amongst cybersecurity practitioners. For some, connecting IT and OT seems to be the next Industrial Revolution, or Industry 5.0. Today, we talk to Xavier Mesrobian of Skkynet about the benefits of connecting OT to IT and how to best connect them. Sponsored by: Skkynet

No matter which industry you work in, it seems like all everyone is talking about is artificial intelligence (AI). So let’s get into it. On this podcast, Lesley Carhart of Dragos discusses AI’s role in industrial automation, how AI is helping attackers target PLCs and what AI does well (and poorly).

Unified namespace has been an important part of the industrial landscape for years and years, in various forms. So, what is the difference between a UNS and a message broker? And are there any challenges with implementing a UNS? On this podcast, Xavier Mesrobian of Skkynet Cloud Systems discusses the implications of UNS. Sponsored by: Skkynet

SCADA systems have evolved over the last 25 years. Today, more and more companies are talking about cloud-based SCADA. Given recent compromises, what steps should companies take to secure cloud-based SCADA? On this podcast, Xavier Mesrobian of Skkynet Cloud Systems discusses how you should manage the cloud when it comes to security. Sponsored by: Skkynet

Since March 2023, many systems engineers have been struggling with the Microsoft DCOM hardening patch. How important is it? Does it really need to be installed? What’s the least disruptive way to address it? On this podcast, Xavier Mesrobian of Skkynet Cloud Systems walks you through everything you need to know about the patch. Sponsored by: Skkynet

CFE Media and Technology’s Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall discuss the business impact of AI and how it is practically being used right now in industrial automation with Industry 4.0 & digital transformation enthusiast Jeff Winter, senior director of industry strategy of manufacturing for Hitachi Solutions America.