Courtesy: Seeq, CFE Media and Technology
Video December 23, 2023

Foundation analytics skills training: Session 2: Monitoring and visualization

This foundational course covers monitoring and visualization strategies for control engineers.

By Control Engineering
Video October 18, 2023

How Industry 4.0 is evolving and fostering innovation, growth

Industry 4.0 is bringing technology, people and processes closer together and is continuing to bring power to the worker as the next generation of manufacturing begins. See video.

By Chris Vavra
Video October 17, 2023

How digital transformation and AI are changing process manufacturing

Digital transformation remains a major focus for manufacturers and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing many companies' approach. See video.

By Chris Vavra
Video October 10, 2023

Video: AI-enabled item-picking robot speeds fulfillment, is easy to integrate

Artificial intelligence (AI) improves robot performance as explained in a Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023 interview.

By Mark T. Hoske
Video October 9, 2023

Unified, updated control platform will migrate to, help robotics

Video: New control platform to unify Yaskawa controls, motion, robotics, as explained in a Pack Expo Las Vegas interview.

By Mark T. Hoske
Video September 18, 2023

How to benefit from digital twins, new servos, machine performance advantages

Three major offerings at the Rockwell Automation booth at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023 were explained by Steve Mulder, North American OEM manager, Rockwell Automation.

By Mark T. Hoske
Video September 7, 2023

System integrators help manufacturers in their digital transformation journeys

When it comes to digital transformation, the engineering community has moved past awareness to experimentation and, in some cases, broader implementations.

By Control Engineering
Video July 10, 2023

State of the system integration industry and its future

Clint Bundy, managing partner for the Bundy Group, discusses the state of the system integration and automation industry and what the future holds. See video.

By Chris Vavra
Video July 5, 2023

Video Interview: Data analytics and machine learning on the plant floor

Matt Ruth, President and CEO at Avanceon, discusses how data analytics and machine learning can be applied on the plant floor to the benefit of OT personnel. See video.

By David Miller
Video June 28, 2023

How connected worker solutions can make manufacturers safer, more productive

Jorge Juan Fernandez, a senior manager of business development for Honeywell, talks about connected worker solutions and how they can help make companies safer and more productive. See video.

By Chris Vavra