AI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming crucial to manufacturing’s success. How a machine and an industrial network learn and adapt to their surroundings is as important for them as it is for humans. Featured articles in this eBook include evolution of control systems with artificial intelligence, the Acceleration of AI, and making 3D […]

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Motors & Drives

Maintaining motors and drives and keeping them cost-effective is crucial. It often requires knowledge of many different types of motors, drives and the standards behind them. Successful maintenance, repair and knowledge of these standards help keep manufacturing plants running safely and efficiently. Featured articles include stepper motor torque basics, VFDs: six benefits, energy efficiency, and […]

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IIoT Cloud

Learn how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the cloud are changing manufacturing in this helpful eBook. Featured articles include use IIoT to improve OEE, increasing ROI, artificial intelligence at the edge improves manufacturing productivity and how modern simulation software addresses intralogistics challenges.

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System Integration

System integration is a crucial aspect of manufacturing for control engineers and they are involved in many different aspects and industries. They help companies become more efficient, streamlined and smarter in their day-to-day operations. Featured articles in this eBook include asking questions to simplify system integration, automotive system integration and how PLCs power industrial data […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot buzzword in manufacturing today, but what does it mean? What does it mean for manufacturers and what effect will it have for the present and future? This helpful eBook offers several examples of the many digital transformation is taking hold in manufacturing. Featured articles include five ways digital transformation metrics […]

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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have been at the heart of manufacturing facilities for decades. The rise in new technologies is making them even more important. Featured articles in this helpful eBook include PLC hardware upgrades, object-oriented programming benefits and connecting a PLC to the internet.

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Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are a mainstay for engineers and allow them to better perform their tasks in a variety of industries. This helpful eBook features articles on topics such as replacing seven SCADA systems with one, SCADA considerations for manufacturers and HMI remote access options.    

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Robotics are one of the fastest-growing industries and their impact can be felt on many manufacturing floors. There’s more to the robot, however, than what you see on the plant floor. This helpful eBook includes articles disinfection robots, collaborative robot use cases and reducing COVID-19 worker risks with robots.

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Big thinking on miniature circuit breakers

Miniature circuit breakers are used in many different manufacturing applications and require knowledge about electrical codes and safety standards to keep operations humming. This 62-page custom eBook by Control Engineering features articles on stories such as circuit protection in electrical/power systems, NEC 2017 changes and understanding SCCR.

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Measurement Matters eBook

Intelligent, integrated solutions and accurate measurements help operators in the oil & gas industry minimize cost, schedule, and risk. This 38-page eBook from ABB and Oil & Gas Engineering provides information to help make oil and gas operations more precise and safer  for everyone.

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