FT-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

ONICON Incorporated March 25, 2024

ONICON’s FT-3500 series is a versatile insertion electromagnetic flow meter and thermal energy measurement system. Designed to measure electrically conductive liquids in a variety of applications, the FT-3500 features a remote touch screen display that allows users to interact intuitively with measurement values, application details, and configuration settings. The advanced FT-3500 transmitter features a native BACnet and MODBUS communication protocol via IP or RS485, as well as a dual analog output for flow or energy rate. Additionally, the FT-3500 boasts a high-resolution frequency and three scalable pulse outputs for totalization or alarm signals.

The standard configuration of the FT-3500 is ideal for volume rate and totals, while the thermal energy configuration integrates ONICON’s high-precision temperature sensors to provide a complete hydronic energy measurement system. Whether you need to measure flow rate or energy consumption, the FT-3500 series is a reliable and accurate choice.

Key Features Include:

  • BACnet and MODBUS Network Communication Via IP and RS485

  • Remote Transmitter with Touch Screen Display

  • Intuitive Menu Allows for Easy Changes to Pipe Size and Flow Range in the Field

  • Thermal Energy (BTU) Measurement

  • Advanced Diagnostics for Wiring Connections, Waveform, and Built-in Verification

  • 2 Analog Outputs, 3 Digital Outputs, 1 Frequency Output.

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