SLA36385A Series

April 1, 2024

ITG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has launched a line of narrow body power beads for high-density applications where component space is at a premium. With a footprint of just 5X9mm and a height of 9.5mm, the company’s SLA36385A Series are ideal for data centers, primary mother boards for servers and storage devices, and other scenarios requiring components to offer high current with low footprint.


Featuring more than a dozen items, ITG Electronics SLA36385A Series features inductance values ranging from 35-470nH; the 35nH component can handle more than 200 amperes of current, with approximately 20% roll off. Each item in the series offers a low DC resistance rate of 0.125mOhm for high-current functionality. The SLA36385A Series is immersion cooling ready, click here for additional information on the full line of immersion cooling ready components offered by ITG.


The SLA36385A Series constitutes ferrite-based SMD inductor with lower core loss. The components feature operating frequency up to 5.0 MHz, and a temperature range of -55°C to + 130°C. Each item in the series is both RoHS & HF compliant. To meet varying current sensing requirements, options for 5% tight tolerance control on DC resistance are also available.

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