Artificial intelligence software for control systems

March 25, 2024

The NUC Ultra 100 BOX/NUCS Ultra 100 BOX Series now features the revolutionary AI Guru software, meticulously crafted by ASRock Industrial. This innovative software integrates numerous pre-trained AI models leveraging the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit. The capabilities span various operations, including face recognition, object detection, human pose estimation, image inpainting, face detection, gaze estimation, and interactive face detection. The seamless experience begins as users download the software package and install it on NUC Ultra 100 BOX/NUCS Ultra 100 BOX Series. Once installed, users can effortlessly navigate the pre-trained AI models. Engaging with the Intel Core Ultra processor (Meteor Lake-H) AI PC becomes a breeze, whether by connecting to USB cameras or utilizing users’ personal information for image/video input. After that, AI inference would be smoothly initiated on your dedicated AI PC. Conveniently, all models and relevant information are readily accessible on our official website, ensuring a smooth and simple setup experience for users.

The NUC Ultra 100 BOX Series features the NUC BOX-155H and NUC BOX-125H models, powered by Intel Core Ultra processors (Meteor Lake-H). Compact and fanned, measuring 117.5 x 110.0 x 49 mm, these models house a powerful AI engine with enhanced Intel® ARC graphics.

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