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Workforce Development November 23, 2021

Groups launch partnership supporting STEM and technical education

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), DuPont and Discovery Education announced a partnership that will increase STEM instructional resources, as well as other career and technical education programs.

By Discovery Education
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Workforce Development November 22, 2021

Content development for XR-based learning

Extended reality (XR) can open new doors for students and teachers, particularly as learning has gone virtual due to COVID-19 and flexibility is needed.

By Jason Robert Rameshwar
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Workforce Development November 3, 2021

Workforce development, automation top of mind at Process Expo

Process manufacturers, especially those in the food and beverage industry, are facing a skills gap crunch due to the pandemic. While some companies are trying to get workers back and engaged, more are turning to automation to keep operations running.

By Chris Vavra
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Workforce Development October 1, 2021

Department of Energy celebrating manufacturing workforce of tomorrow

The Department of Energy (DOE) celebrates Manufacturing Day with several initiatives designed to enhance career and workforce development programs for young engineers.

By Kelly Speakes-Backman
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Workforce Development August 29, 2021

Investing in automation: Strategies manufacturing companies need to know

Manufacturers investing in automation efficiencies with robotics, industrial internet, digitalization and artificial intelligence and other technologies also need to develop the current and future workforce to realize its potential.

By John Felix
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Workforce Development August 11, 2021

Digital transformation’s role in manufacturing workforce evolution

For manufacturers to attract the best talent, they need to adapt to their environment by making tactical investments in digital solutions and be proactive in digital transformation.

By Jason Chester
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Workforce Development August 2, 2021

The best engineers are going to the competition, and here’s why

Hiring engineers is hard. Five reasons why and five tips on how to improve hiring engineers are highlighted.

By Gary Miller
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Workforce Development July 15, 2021

Four ways to build a digital knowledge infrastructure

Building a digital knowledge infrastructure helps younger workers learn the specific ins and outs of a company's process from more experienced workers, giving them an advantage as they start their career.

By Frank Burger
Courtesy: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Workforce Development June 10, 2021

Engineering talent critical to state, national economic progress

Engineering fields are facing a major skills gap that isn’t going away. Engineers do more than make things; they provide the backbone for a state and country’s economy. Learn how a university is changing the message.

By Renee Meiller
Courtesy: Silicon Valley Robotics
Workforce Development June 9, 2021

Diversity hiring for engineering companies: 7 tips

Don’t give up at hiring a diverse team for robotics and engineering companies. Get better at it. These seven tips can inspire a more diverse engineering workforce.

By Andra Keay