Figure 2: The moving platen (yellow structure) is visible above the fixed lower bolster of the 2,430-ton Hoesch press. Courtesy: Delta Computer Systems Inc.
PID, APC August 12, 2019

Motion controller gives old presses new life

Case study: Retrofit controller on four hydraulic presses used a new programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the moving platen and the levelling cylinders would be controlled by a new electrohydraulic motion controller.

By Bruce Coons
Figure 2: Next-generation APC consists of many software modules working together to deliver improved plant performance. Courtesy: Yokogawa Corp.
PID, APC August 7, 2019

Advanced process control improves refinery, chemical plant operations

Next-generation advanced process control (APC) shatters processing barriers for process facilities.

By Hiroshi Wakasugi and Sanjay Venugopal
Figure 1: In OOIP, the control design is built from objects that match those in the physical plant or equipment design. Courtesy: Coherent Technologies Inc.
PID, APC August 4, 2019

Leveraging OOIP, Part 2: Abstraction, nesting and interfaces

Part 2: Plants and equipment are assembled from objects, and controls architecture should be too. Industrial programmers can realize the productivity of object-oriented programming (OOP) without the complexity by using object-oriented industrial programming (OOIP). See nine ways to determine if a development system supports OOIP.

By Gary L. Pratt, P.E.
Figure 2: Ladder logic programming example; LL is the most commonly used PLC programing, most closely resembling circuit diagrams used for relays. Courtesy: Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
PID, APC August 1, 2019

Control Engineering hot topics, July 2019

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in July 2019 included stories about PLC programming languages, connecting a PLC to the internet, digitalization advantages, choosing the right enclosure, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Companies can mitigate project risk by following best practices such as leveraging existing technology on the plant floor and standardizing policies. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
PID, APC August 1, 2019

Five strategies to effectively manage and execute automation projects

Automation projects come with many challenges that seem daunting because of their complexity. Learn about six common automation project management challenges and learn about five tips to overcome them including planning ahead and leveraging available technology on the plant floor.

By Lee Swindler
Figure 1: Industrial controllers such as this traditional PLC/PAC, are typically installed in control panels local to the equipment or processes they monitor and automate. Courtesy: Opto 22
PID, APC July 30, 2019

Evaluate controller options for industrial applications

Choosing the best industrial controller requires evaluation of automation, communication and security needs.

By Benson Hougland
Figure 1: Kilns are used in curing ceramics, drying wood, cremations, drying malted barley for brewing and other fermentations and agricultural grains. Gas-fired kilns must comply with the same valve safety train safety requirements as other thermal processes. Courtesy: Rockford Systems
PID, APC July 29, 2019

Prevent burner fuel delivery accidents

Valve safety trains require regular inspections, maintenance and training.

By Robert Sanderson, P.E.
Courtesy: CFE Media
PID, APC July 8, 2019

Specification for networks, IO-Link released

CAN in Automation (CiA) has released the CiA 463 series standardizing the gateway between CANopen responsible for CANopen FD networks and input/output (I/O)-Link.

By CAN in Automation
Courtesy: Honeywell, CFE Media
Webcasts PID, APC June 18, 2019

Sustaining Advanced Process Control Performance and Benefits

Operation and maintenance of an Advanced Process Control (APC) application can be complex and understood by few. The profitability of a successful APC implementation, however, is understood by all.

By CFE Media
Model-less multivariable control (XMC) automates the way operating teams have always carried out multivariable constraint control and optimizaton manually. Notably, this method does not require detailed models or embedded optimizers. XMC uses patented rate-predictive control (RPC) internally. Courtesy: APC Performance LLC
PID, APC May 13, 2019

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