Hierarchy of Controls: This figure, developed for an industrial setting or work environment, is used here as a model for airborne pandemic situations.
COVID-19 April 8, 2022

Layered COVID-19 controls significantly reduce risks

QuaRAD method quantifies efficacy across thousands of scenarios; rating system anticipated

By Kevin Parker
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
AI and Machine Learning May 19, 2022

How unsupervised machine learning benefits industrial automation

Unsupervised ML is designed to act on unlabeled data using algorithms that excel at identifying patterns and pinpointing anomalies in data ranging from condition monitoring and performance testing to cybersecurity and asset management.

By Kristin Lewotsky
What is “Just enough industrial data analysis?” Laurie Cavanaugh, director of business development, E Tech Group, and Matt Ruth, president, Avanceon, share some advice here and more in an April 21 webcast, archived for a year afterward. Courtesy: Control Engineering, CFE Media and Technology
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics May 16, 2022

Questions answered: What is just enough industrial data analysis?

Extra questions from the data analytics webcast are answered here, from an April 21 webcast, archived for a year.

By Laurie Cavanaugh and Matt Ruth
Marty LaRocque looks over the team's silicon wafer center-finding improvement device. Courtesy: Colorado University.
Process Manufacturing May 18, 2022

Making silicon wafer inspections more efficient

University of Colorado mechanical engineering students have developed a device that improves the inspection process of silicon wafers.

By Rachel Leuthauser
Courtesy: GE Digital, New Products for Engineers Database
Manufacturing IT, MES April 16, 2022

Integrate new technologies, MES software

By Sacheen Patil
Courtesy: LoRa Alliance
Wireless May 19, 2022

Wireless protocol supports end-to-end IPv6

By LoRa Alliance
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
System Integration May 15, 2022

Automating manual processes

By Randy Otto
Courtesy: Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Cybersecurity May 3, 2022

IDS developed for industrial control systems

By Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Courtesy: Control Engineering Career and Salary Survey, 2022
Workforce Development May 19, 2022

Fill the skills gap: Automation, training, retention

By Mark T. Hoske