Industry expected model-predictive control (MPC) to naturally expand into the multi-loop control (MLC) region, but that never happened; MPC costs of ownership remain high and MPC remains primarily a high-end solution. MLC represents an important, but under-developed part of the APC matrix spectrum. Courtesy: Control Engineering webcast, Advanced process control: Past, present and future.
PID, APC January 15, 2020

Advanced process control: More answers

After a webcast on “Advanced process control: Past, present and future,” more answers to audience questions are provided by the webcast speaker covering advanced process control (APC) to help with process optimization.

By Allan Kern
Left to right: Steven Schneebeli, lead and director of engineering/IT at Malisko Engineering; Nancy Lange, co-founder and COO at Malisko Engineering; Matt Scott, lead and director of mentorship at Malisko Engineering; Dave Blaida, president and CEO at Matrix Technologies; Jeremy Gibbs, director of sales and marketing, Matrix Technologies; Jeff Buck, vice president of engineering at Automationnth. Courtesy: Katie Spain, CFE Media and Technology
System Integrators January 17, 2020

Control Engineering hot topics, December 2019

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in December 2019 included stories about the Engineers' Choice finalists, control system migration, information and the cloud, profit-driven operations, the future of industrial automation, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
The rise of sophisticated attacks coupled with the lack of skilled personnel are among the biggest challenges facing operations technology (OT) security. Courtesy: Siemens/ISSSource
Cybersecurity January 17, 2020

Utilities benefit from a risk-based approach to cybersecurity

Utilities need to embrace a risk-based approach to cybersecurity to match the existing basic-level of compliance. See four issues utilities are currently facing.

By Gregory Hale
With almost half of automation engineering professionals having achieved a bachelor’s degree as the highest level of education, those respondents’ average total take-home pay in 2018 was $115,793. Source: Control Engineering
Research January 12, 2020

Learning about the automation engineer

Five findings from the Control Engineering 2019 Career and Salary Study as it relates to automation engineers and their feelings on their profession.

By Amanda Pelliccione

When are VFDs essential?

January 15, 2020
The mathematical definition of a random bit sequence is so simple that it can be summarized in one sentence: A sequence of bits whose next bit is equal to 0 or 1 with equal probability, independent of previous ones. Courtesy: Bar-Ilan University/ISSSource
Cybersecurity January 19, 2020

Method developed for more secure communication

By Gregory Hale
Figure 3: As a trusted advisor, you should on the lookout for the customer and help them see what their control system will be or could be in the future. Courtesy: Applied Control Engineering Inc.
System Integrators January 9, 2020

Fostering long-term relationships in the system integration industry

By Ian Burns