AI and Machine Learning May 21, 2024

How to transform manufacturing four ways with AI

Automate 2024: Artificial intelligence (AI) helps engineering, data analysis, programming, troubleshooting in manufacturing, according to Microsoft and OPC Foundation.

By Mark T. Hoske
Control Systems June 24, 2024

Top 5 Control Engineering content: June 17-23, 2024

The top 5 pieces of content from the past week includes PIDs, Automate 2024, PID control and more.

By Tyler Wall
Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Digital Transformation June 24, 2024

More than a dozen places to accelerate industrial digital transformation

The Siemens Automate 2024 booth included an array of automation hardware and software designed to accelerate digital transformation efforts, the company said at the Automate 2024 event by A3, the Association for Advancing Automation, in Chicago.

By Mark T. Hoske
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 June 13, 2024

Making 5G the engine of smart manufacturing productivity and flexibility

5G can help transform smart manufacturing and help improve their information and data flow and connect many devices easily. Five ways 5G enhances smart manufacturing are highlighted.

By Anthony Murphy
I/O Systems, I/O Modules June 17, 2024

How to connect with controls, communications products, services

By Mark T. Hoske
Made in America June 24, 2024

10 reasons why Made in America should be a top priority

By Shalli Kumar
Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Robotics June 21, 2024

New developments in robotic welding, cobots, industrial robots

By Mark T. Hoske
Motors and Drives May 15, 2024

Power quality, harmonics: How to select a variable frequency drive (VFD)

By Lucas Paruch
Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 29, 2024

How to safely, sustainably absolve industrial malodors with standardized formulations

By Dr. Laura Haupert
Workforce Development June 14, 2024

College of engineering and computing gets new name, vision

By Gregory Hardy

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