AI and Machine Learning October 1, 2023

Method helps AI navigate 3D space using 2D images

Researchers have developed a method to help artificial intelligence (AI) extract 3D information from 2D images.

By Matt Shipman
PID, APC October 2, 2023

Top 5 Control Engineering content: September 25-October 1, 2023

The top 5 articles from the past week include Control Engineering’s 2023 Engineering Leaders under 40, PID methods and model predictive control.

By David Miller
Digital Twins September 15, 2023

Virtual twins as a service can help manufacturers thrive

A Sept. 21 webcast examines how virtual twins can help manufacturers address supply chain and other challenges on the factory floor.

By Control Engineering
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Edge and Cloud Computing September 30, 2023

Edge AI market projecting strong growth; can 5G and IT help?

The edge AI market, fueled by strong demand, is expected to grow to almost $40 billion in value over the next decade.

By Future Market Insights
Robotics October 2, 2023

Four manufacturing applications that benefit from under-rider AMRs

By Chris Mercurio
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Motors and Drives September 27, 2023

Fundamentals of three-phase induction motors, variable frequency drives

By Control Engineering
Process Safety September 30, 2023

Taking a holistic approach to process safety

By Control Engineering Europe
Cybersecurity September 27, 2023

Securing OT with IT cybersecurity best practices

By Lee Carter

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