Stainless steel panel PC series

April 2, 2024

Our stainless steel panel PCs are our best sellers and the products with which 2IPS got started. We are very knowledgeable about this market and have built on our extensive experience hand in hand with our long-standing customers over time. This product range is suitable for use in humid and intensive washing environments, especially industry sectors where equipment reliability is a major concern. These include food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, as well as outdoor uses. Depending on their applications, these products can be installed on stands or hung on a wall, but also recessed on the front face of cabinets. P-Cap tactile technology allows a front face before IP69K to sustain intensive washing during which very thick gloves must be worn. 2IPS also offers a variety of mechanical accessories to go with this product range that features 4mm-thick mineral glass to offer maximum resistance to scratches. The devices’ flat front face makes cleaning easy, with no retention zone.

Product information:

  • Size : 12-, 15-, 17-, 22-in.

  • RAM : 4Go, 8Go

  • OS : Windows 10 IoT, Raspberry Pi OS

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