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Industrial PCs January 18, 2024

CX5600 Embedded PC series

The CX5600 Embedded PC series expands Beckhoff’s workhorse machine control line with powerful AMD Ryzen processors, additional interfaces and operating system options. Retaining the same form factor as previous generations, these DIN rail-mounted embedded PCs provide the flexibility to support an even greater range of applications that require PLC, HMI, motion control and much more. The CX5600 series currently includes two device versions, both with AMD Ryzen™ processors: CX5620 (1.2 GHz) and CX5630 (2.0 GHz). Beyond low power consumption, the fanless embedded PCs deliver many standard features. The system can be expanded on the left-hand side with a CX2500 module.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 16, 2024

Multivariable (MVS) Transmitter

The OleumTech H Series Multivariable Transmitter is a versatile 3-in-1 instrument designed to deliver precise measurements of both differential and static absolute pressure (high side) along with process temperature through an external PT100 ohm RTD sensor (4-wire). Well-suited for demanding applications, the OleumTech MVS Transmitter finds its excellence in mission-critical flow applications across industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, and other challenging industrial settings. The OleumTech MVS Transmitter supports RS485 Modbus and is easy to install and operate since it effortlessly integrates with popular third-party flow computers.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 16, 2024

Intelligent actuators increased speeds

Rotork is excited to announce that new features have been added to the industry-leading IQ3 Pro range of intelligent actuators. The new features include increased speeds for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators, independent open/close speeds for part-turn actuators and closed-loop control for the multi-turn and part-turn actuators. The optional increased speed for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators is available for sizes 50, 100 and 125. Adjustable speed, including a slow mode for accurate positioning and a high-speed option where faster speeds are required, making them suitable for choke valve applications. With the independent open/close speeds, customers can configure IQ3 Pro part-turn actuators' speed settings for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Another feature added is closed-loop control. Closed-loop control takes the on-off/bang-bang control or PID control methodologies that are typically used in a PLC or discrete PID controller and incorporates them into the range. Multi-turn non-modulating IQ3 Pro actuators use a setpoint positioning method known as "bang-bang", while part-turn IQT3 Pro and IQ3M Pro actuators use the PID closed-loop control method.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 11, 2024

Pilot-operated relief valve for enhanced storage tank reliability and protection

Emerson has introduced the Fisher 63EGLP-16 Pilot Operated Relief Valve for installation on pressurized bullet tanks used to store liquid propane and anhydrous ammonia. This type of pressure relief valve (PRV) is typically installed on tanks fabricated by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that provide them to end users, engineering firms, or contractor customers. The new valve is certified under UL132 and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII. With a pre-installed national pipe tapered (NPT) thread standard 2-inch male hex nipple, this new product serves the need for a solution with a 2-inch connection that provides the same benefit as traditional multi-ported valves, but with simplified installation and maintenance.

Emerson Systems
Machine Safety January 10, 2024

Z-Range safety switches series

AutomationDirect has added modular Z-Range safety switch system components to their existing portfolio of safety products. The Z-Range safety switch system offers simplicity and modularity, allowing up to 30 Z-Range safety devices to be connected to one safety relay while maintaining PLe performance rating. These devices are an excellent choice for modular machines and are rated for SIL3 as well as PLe and feature built-in local diagnostics.

Motors and Drives January 8, 2024

Alternating current motors with brushless technology

AC Servo Motors 220V/ 50W-5.5kW provide six common output powers to choose from. ATO AC Servo Motors use brushless technology to ensure that the servo system has higher control accuracy and can run for a long time without being prone to failure. Using the brushless servo motor principle can also suppress high-frequency noise, increase torque and ensure further improvement in quality under the same parameters. ATO Servo Motors and Servo Drivers is an online supplier of AC Servo Motors, DC Servo Motors and AC Servo Drivers.
AI and Machine Learning January 8, 2024

Analytics software to enhance IT/OT convergence

The TrendMiner 2023.R4 release introduces significant enhancements in reporting, connectivity and cloud support. It is aimed at accelerating IT/OT convergence and simplifying the integration of data sources. Enhanced data source connectivity: The release simplifies the process of connecting to ODBC and JDBC data sources, which allows easier access to various types of data. It democratizes data for operational experts, provides a more comprehensive view of operations, and aids in data-driven decision-making. Schedule manager: This allows for more tailored reporting experiences.

Vision and Discrete Sensors January 4, 2024

Spinnaker 4

Spinnaker 4 is the next-generation GeniCam3 API library for machine vision developers to evaluate, test, and deploy products quickly with the highest performance and reliability. The new software release includes groundbreaking advancements in GigE camera performance and reliability, leveraging Teledyne’s decades of experience delivering best-in-class machine vision GigE cameras worldwide. Intense camera system performance testing, including operating imaging systems with 40 GigE cameras continuously for multiple days at a time, resulted in no incomplete images.

Teledyne Imaging
PLCs, PACs January 3, 2024

Four‐channel relay & analog input module

The ControlByWeb X‐412 features four analog inputs and four relays with a built‐in web server that allows remote access for virtually infinite control and monitoring possibilities. The X-412 combines analog inputs, relays and onboard logic in an easy-to-use interface, offering real-time data and stand-alone control ideal for a host of applications. It's compatible with nearly any analog sensor for easy integration and precise measurement.               Control and monitor up to 64 I/O with peer-to-peer communication The X-412 supports peer-to-peer communication between ControlByWeb modules.

Data Centers January 1, 2024


With the IDS-330-ADL-P, ICP Germany offers another compact and powerful embedded system. The IDS-330-ADL-P supports the 12th generation Intel CoreT I processors and is available in two variants. You can choose between an Intel Core i5-1235U and an i7-1255U processor.

ICP Deutschland GmbH