AX / KX Stainless Steel Enclosures

April 8, 2024

The new AX and KX Stainless Steel enclosures from Rittal are the answer as they have been designed specifically with planners, project managers, engineers, and panel builders in mind.

Here’s how the AX and KX Stainless Steel Enclosures can help you:

  • Time-Saving Fit-Out: Flexible interior fit-out options without drilling to save time and resources

  • Optimal Durability: High-grade stainless steel construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance even in extreme conditions

  • Shorter Lead Times: Off-the-shelf availability for swift project implementation and reduced delivery times.

Discover the numerous benefits the AX/KX Stainless Steel enclosures have to offer.

For more information on this product visit New Products For Engineers.