Project Management

Courtesy: Hitech CADD Services
Project Management April 13, 2022

Minimize design planning, optimize time to market

Design automation software enables mass customization, accelerates manufacturing, improves efficiencies from sales to manufacturing, and reduces lead times across functions.

By Ketan Panchal
Courtesy: Automation Group
Project Management March 2, 2022

Conveyor system modernization increase efficiency, minimizes maintenance costs

A Northern California candy manufacturer’s upgraded their conveyor system, which reduced overall maintenance costs and improved efficiency.

By Automation Group
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated
Project Management February 28, 2022

Seven tips for an engineer’s first project

An engineer's first project can be exciting and a little scary, but being prepared and open to the experience can help. Seven tips are highlighted to make the process easier.

By Molly Greb
Courtesy: Automation Group
Project Management February 16, 2022

Project management methodology simplifies kombucha operation expansion

Boochcraft Brewery, a California-based specialty brewing company, expanding their operations to meet growing consumer demand for their kombucha product.

By Automation Group
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated
Project Management February 14, 2022

Building a solid foundation for an automation project

Engineers should always start with a solid foundation when it comes to developing a manufacturing automation project.

By Nicholas Imfeld
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Project Management October 30, 2021

Five ways to make site visits beneficial

Site visit extensions can sometimes be unavoidable for system integrators, but consider these five tips to make them more manageable and beneficial when they do occur.

By Gabrielle Hewitt
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Project Management October 21, 2021

Success through failure with accelerated stress testing

Breaking a product earlier in the development process with accelerated stress testing can yield many benefits.

By Alex Porter
Project Management March 1, 2020

Six steps toward eliminating obsolete controls equipment

Replacing obsolete controls equipment is inconvenient, but it is a necessary process and can be made easier with an internal audit that shows what needs to be done.

By Robert Herman
Project Management January 23, 2020

Electrical control system and modernization upgrade for power plant

Burns & McDonnell will serve as engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contractor for an electrical control system upgrade and modernization project for the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant.

By Mary Young
Project Management December 15, 2019

Chasing ghosts in the plant

There are times when you just want to throw your hands up and call in an exorcist.

By Matt Ruth