congatec inc. December 15, 2022

Separation Kernel PikeOS 5.1.3. has attained the most widely accepted security certification standard Common Criteria (CC), also known as ISO 15408, at level EAL 5+ for the leading application processor architectures ARMv8, x86-64 and PPC. The higher EAL level assures that the PikeOS was designed semiformally and checked against vulnerabilities that are increasingly complex to exploit. System architects and developers of embedded software benefit from this high level of assurance and may have strong certainty in PikeOS’ security measures against sabotage and data theft. Target markets for SYSGO’s real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS can be found in any safety and cybersecurity critical devices and infrastructure, especially in avionics, defense, automotive, rail, medical, industrial or space sector. Typical applications are IoT-connected cars, construction and agricultural machines, trains, airplanes, and drones of any autonomy level – including any automated guided vehicles – as well as connected real-time controls inside the infrastructures of these devices.

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