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On the last page of the article ["Understanding PID Control," CE, June '00, pp. 53-58], the author stated that proportional-only control systems are incapable of hunting. This is only true if the process is a first-order time constant. (A single R-C time constant is a first-order delay.) If the process being controlled is second-order or greater, proportional-only control can result in ...
Dudley Nye, Nye Engineering Inc.
September 1, 2000
Baseball season's in full swing, and we watch in anticipation as many step up to the plate. Business is throwing us more curves, and many are stepping up to the challenge. Motor technologies offer more diverse choices, and—instead of one technology going away—users have additional adaptations from which to choose.
Mark T. Hoske, Editor-in-Chief
June 1, 2000