2007 New Product Compendium

This online-only reference is a round up of more than new automation, instrumentation and control products introduced in North America in 2007.

By Control Engineering Editorial Staff February 8, 2008

A round up of more than 150 new automation, instrumentation and control products introduced in North America in 2007.

These descriptions and links were compiled for Control Engineering’s 2007 Engineers’ Choice Awards . Products are arranged by category and subcategory, as they appeared on the ballots. For more information on the award winners, click through on the category headlines, or see the February 2008 Engineers’ Choice Awards print supplement .

Application & Programming Software


**promis-e 2007– ECT International, Inc.
promis-e 2007 from ECT International is software for control system design and documentation including electrical schematics, panel layouts, wire lists, bill of materials, and more.

Eplan Version 1.8 – Eplan Software & Services
Version 1.8 of Eplan Electric P8 continues to focus on minimizing design time. New features include in-place editing to speed and simplify the incorporation of modifications arising during machine build or start up into the project.

Maple 11 math computation software– Maplesoft
Maple 11, the latest release of Maplesoft’s flagship software, features enhancements to its smart document interface, computation engine, and connectivity capabilities that are said to provide the technology for reducing errors and increasing analytical productivity.

*SolidWorks 2008 – SolidWorks Corporation
SolidWorks 2008 from SolidWorks Corp. includes several new features that are helping to bridge the gap between designers and manufacturing. A highlight in these new features is DFMXpress, a validation tool that identifies geometry that is overly expensive or impossible to make.

Enterprise Integration and Analysis

**Proficy Tracker – GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

Proficy Tracker software from GE Fanuc monitors and manages the execution of production orders therefore optimizing manufacturing processes, effectively managing inventories and efficiently schedule resources and materials.

IncuityEMI 2.5 – Incuity Software, Inc .
Incuity EMI from Incuity Software is a business intelligence solution for manufacturing that provides timely, clear and context-rich manufacturing information in an enterprise portal to support better decision-making.

Real-Time Finance xMII xAppx Packaged Composite Application –
Invensys Process Systems

Real-time Finance from Invensys Process Systems is the first SAP NetWeaver certified packaged composite application (PCA) that enables synching business intelligence between plant floor control systems and enterprise business systems.

*FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition – Rockwell Automation
FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition from Rockwell Automation automatically identifies, gathers and configures high-speed detailed data and gives manufactures greater insight into production operations through sophisticated data analysis and reporting capabilities.


*NI LabVIEW 8.5 – National Instruments
With LabVIEW 8.5, National Instruments introduces tools to simplify multicore programming, advanced system modeling, and signal processing for RF, sound and vibration, and vision applications.

PAC Project 8.1 – Opto 22
PAC Project 8.1 automation software suite from Opto 22 offers control programming, HMI development, and connectivity tools for designing industrial control applications, within its distinct integrated development environment.

**Wonderware System 3.0 – Invensys
Wonderware System Platform 3.0 software provides a single, scalable industrial automation and information management application platform for all SCADA, Supervisory HMI, and Production and Performance Management needs.

HMIs and Industrial PCs

HMI Hardware

Power Panel 300/400 – B&R Industrial Automation
New Power Panel 300/400 generation from B&R Industrial Automation provides more than twice the computing power of the previous generation and cover a performance range once reserved for industrial PCs.

exter k10 – Beijer Electronics Products AB
EXTER K10 compact keypad operator panel from Beijer Electronics Products AB has function keys and dimmable backlight, ideal for machine builders in the packaging, manufacturing and food & beverage industries.

EXTER K20 – Beijer Electronics Products AB
EXTER K20 from Beijer Electronics Products AB compact keypad operator panel with function keys and dimmable backlight, ideal for machine builders in the packaging, manufacturing and food & beverage industries.

H-T70-Ne – Beijer Electronics Products AB
H-T70t widescreen touch interface operator panel from Beijer Electronics Products AB has function keys for industrial use, a budget-friendly HMI that delivers on high functionality and connectivity.

InduProof med – InduKey Keyboard Production GmbH
InduProof industrial keyboard from InduKey is rated fully sealed IP68/NEMA6P and features an antimicrobial silicone covering the entire keyboard. The specially treated silicone inhibits the growth of microbes on contact.

The VPanel Express seried of HMI systems from Kontron provide high performance human machine and I/O interfaces for high speed data acquision and control applications in a tough industrial environment.

*Silver Series Plus – Maple Systems
Silver Series Plus touchscreen HMIs from Maple Systems are graphic operator interfaces; they connect to multiple PLCs from various manufacturers, and store and retrieve data on USB flash drive, CompactFlash card, or internal OIT memory.

**Interact Xpress and XPR PowerStations – Parker Hannifin
Interact Xpress is a revolutionary pushbutton replacement HMI that brings unprecedented graphics, performance and remote client support to entry level HMI applications. Xpress leverages Adobe Flash technology in order to provide new levels of performance.

LT3201 – Pro-face (Digital Electronics Corp.)
Operator interface plus control, combines PLC functionality, high speed counters, mix/match I/O plus bar code reader support and HMI touchscreen in one box.

Stealth Model: TT-1700 – Stealth Computer Corporation
Stealth Computer Corporation has introduced their new model: TT-1700 Industrial Grade LCD monitor. The 1700 all steel enclosed touch screen LCD monitor is built to withstand the demanding effects of harsh environments.

IndraLogic VE, SWL-VE**01-ILC-01VRS-NN – Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Rexroth IndraLogic VE- complete, open and reliable PLC/HMI in one package

XLt Touch Screen OCS – Horner APG
The XLt is the world’s smallest all-in-one controller with a built-in daylight readable touch screen, I/O and networking plus removable mass storage.

Matrox Extio F1220 – Matrox Graphics Inc.
Matrox Extio allows you to extend the user interface components of a system from the host computer by up to 820 feet of fiber-optic cable.

HMI Software

**ClearSCADA 2007 – Control Microsystems
ClearSCADA is true object based SCADA and integrated solution specifically designed for utility market such as Water, Oil&Gas and Power.

ICONICS™ GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA Suite, designed and certified for Microsoft Windows Vista, integrates with 64-bit computer technology, allowing for faster development of automation solutions.

InduSoft Secure Thin Client – InduSoft
Our Thin Client solution supports both secure, dedicated viewer clients, and browser-based viewer clients with redundant capability and a highly secure (SSL) communications option.

Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY 7.0 – GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms
Supervisory monitoring and control software that offers Change Management integration, OPC connectivity, ease of configuration and security.

Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX 4.5 – GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms
Visualization product providing comprehensive monitoring, control and data management, as well as Microsoft VISTA support and Change Management integration.

*Wonderware InTouch 10.0 – Invensys
Wonderware InTouch 10.0 software is a hardware-independent, open and extensible HMI with cutting-edge graphical capabilities providing incredible power, flexibility and connectivity to a huge range of automation devices.

Industrial PCs

APC810 industrial PC – B&R Industrial Automation
The newest generation of industrial PCs from B&R Industrial Automation adds new products to the Automation PC product line at the top of the performance range.

**CP72XX Control Panel – Beckhoff Automation
The CP72xx is an arm-mountable Panel PC with a powerful processor for control and TFT display in one compact, user-friendly device.

CX9010 Embedded PC – Beckhoff Automation
The CX9010 is an Embedded PC for DIN rail mounting that serves as an extremely compact PC controller for EtherCAT-enabled PLC and Motion Control applications.

ThinkIO-Duo – Kontron
A rugged and fanless DIN rail PC with Intel Core Duo processor and designed for harsh enviroment applications throughout a variety of market spaces.

*Stealth LPC-450 Little PC – Stealth Computer Corp
Stealth’s LittlePC products serve a demanding market where powerful solutions are being deployed in space-challenged applications around the world.

Motors, Drives & Motion Control


SureServo brushless servo system – AutomationDirect
The new SureServo family of brushless servo systems from AutomationDirect is fully digital and offers a rich set of features at dynamite prices.

*Adjustable Speed Brushless BMC & BSM – Baldor Electric
Matched packages¼ to 3 HP adjustable speed brushless motors and controls providing tight speed/current control with benefits of brushless technology

Duo Series BM3 manual motor starter & SC-E magnetic contactors – Fuji Electric
Duo Series combination starter from Fuji Electric Corp. of America consists of two components: BM3 series manual motor starters and SC-E series magnetic contactors.

MR-J3 Linear Servo
Mitsubishi Electric Automation MR-J3 Linear Servo Always Ahead of the Scene with Robust Disturbance Compensation Function, Seize the Future

nuvoDisc™ Flat Brushless DC Motors – Portescap, a Danaher Motion Company
nuvoDisc™ is a new family of flat brushless DC miniature motors with a small footprint (32mm diameter and 11.7mm length) that is engineered specifically for markets where miniaturization is key.

**DS/CM Synchronous servomotors – SEW Eurodrive
The acceleration torque is three to four times the static torque for all sizes. The CM motor series, which covers a torque range between 5 and 68 Nm has high-energy magnets that deliver a high overload capacity of 400% standstill current as standard. Modern magnetic circuit technology assures high rotational accuracy and low cogging. All DS/CM servomotors are equipped with standard thermal motor protection and resolver feedback for motor control.

Motion Control

**C396 Electronic Overload Relay – Eaton Corporation
The C396 electronic overload relay is accurate reliable motor overload protection to help you avoid and manage downtime and repair costs and maintain system integrity.

ABL1500 – Aerotech, Inc.
Linear stage, air bearing, servo motor, encoder, "the ABL1500, with its fully active preload, exceptionally high stiffness, and excellent geometric characteristics, was designed specifically to meet the demands of leading-edge manufacturing."

ABRT – Aerotech, Inc.
Rotary stage, air bearing, servo motor, encoder, "ABRT rotary air-bearing stages provide superior angular positioning, velocity stability, and error motion performance along with impressive payload capacity and outstanding radial and axial stiffness."

Kuka KR 1000 Titan robot – Kuka
Applications that used to require at least two robots, lift stations, or other lifting equipment can now be completed with one Kuka KR 1000 titan robot from Kuka Robotics.

QH-Motion Controller and model Q172H and Q173H – MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC AUTOMATION INC
QH-Motion Platform Compact in size, Increased Capabilities, Speed and Performance. Today’s global market requires not only better CPUs to boost the functionality, performance and cost efficiency of components, but also higher throughput of entire

SNAP Motion Control Subsystem – Opto 22
The SNAP Motion Control Subsystem establishes a platform for accomplishing motion control along with analog, digital, and serial control.

**ETHERNET Powerlink MotionBus controller and drives, ACR90x0 & AR-xxCE – Parker Hannifin
Ethernet Powerlink is a high-speed, digital motion-bus solution connecting a motion controller to multiple drives and I/O points using standard Ethernet networking hardware.

Prodigy Motion Cards – PMD Performance Motion Devices
Prodigy motion cards from Performance Motion Devices (PMD) provide real-time, high-speed servo trace capture with 40 KB onboard dual-port memory.

*CompactLogix L45 – Rockwell Automation
The CompactLogix L45 PAC from Rockwell Automation manages discrete and motion control functions. Controlling up to eight axes, the controller is ideal for OEMs and small applications.

Square D brand S-Flex Enclosed Drive Controller – Schneider Electric
Enclosed drive controller for pump and fan applications.


SMVector NEMA 4X – AC Technology Corporation
A truly NEMA 4/4X Vector Drive with Universal Power, Multiple Communication Options and Removable Memory

Drum Digital Servo Drive – Elmo Motion Control
The Drum is a series of intelligent digital servo drives for DC brush, brushless motors and linear motors.

Epsilon EP – Emerson Control Techniques
New, low cost, compact, rugged, 1.5 axis servo drive with built-in motion capabilities. Ideal for indexing and synchronized motion applications. Unique features include ""Motion Made Easy" programming software, Ethernet connectivity, and Position Track

AC890PX – Parker SSD Drives
A patent-pending modular AC drive for induction and PMAC motors through 600HP at 380VAC to 690VAC, designed to maximize production up-time.

*Allen-Bradley PowerFlex DC drives – Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex DC drives combine the powerful performance capabilities of DC technology with the added benefits of digital control, diagnostics, easy programming and system integration.

SINAMICS S120 AC Drive – Siemens
Our new drive expands the Sinamics S120 system into the industry’s first integrated modular drives system for both single-axis and multi-axis applications with the capability of running high performance servo and vector modes.

**V1000 AC MicroDrive – Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.
The V1000 is a state-of-the-art AC MicroDrive allowing facilities to operate, safer, more environmentally friendly, and smarter, resulting in greater time, money, and energy savings.

Networks, Communications Hardware & Software

I/O Products & Cabling

**DeviceNet I/O – Balluff
Family of machine mount DeviceNet I/O modules come with output current ratings from 1.6 to 2.0 Amps, while allowing the customer to customize the reaction of each point to a fault or idle condition on the network.

BK9103 PROFINET Bus Coupler – Beckhoff Automation
The BK9103 is a Bus Coupler for the PROFINET Industrial Ethernet protocol that provides access to over 200 different Beckhoff I/O terminal types.

EL67xx EtherCAT master and slave terminals – Beckhoff Automation
EtherCAT master and slave I/O terminals that permit the integration of DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and CANopen devices into high speed EtherCAT systems.

IL230x-B905 EtherNet/IP Fieldbus Box – Beckhoff Automation
The IL230x-B905 is a machine-mountable I/O block for the EtherNet/IP Industrial Ethernet protocol that is IP67 rated and highly resistant to moisture and dust.

TwinSafe Safety System – Beckhoff Automation
TwinSAFE is the Bus Terminal I/O system for safety functions that can be integrated alongside standard components and via standard fieldbus networks.

*Bluetooth I/O Module – connectBlue
The Bluetooth I/O Modules included 12 individually configured digital I/O signals. The I/O signals can be controlled by a serial protocol or remote I/O signals.

SQIO SynqNet I/O Module – Danaher Motion
SQIO SynqNet I/O Modules provide a single network programming environment that facilitates the seamless integration of custom I/O hardware and complex motion on a SynqNet network.

BradControl IP67 I/O modules for Ethernet / TCDEM – Molex Inc .
BradControl I/O modules for Ethernet provide a reliable solution for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices in harsh duty environments.

Ultra-Lock Field Attachable Connectors – Molex, Automation and Electrical Products Division
Ultra-Lock family has expanded to include field attachable connectors, allowing the user to dress cordsets to their exact length requirements.

DataCELL FIELD FOUNDATION fieldbus cable – Northwire, Inc
Northwire’s DataCELL FOUNDATION fieldbus, type A cables for plants with H1 networked process automation. Cables rated for ITC-ER/PLTC-ER (exposed-run).

SNAP-AIMA-8 – Opto 22
The SNAP-AIMA-8 provides eight channels of -20 mA to +20 mA analog current input. The module can be scaled for use anywhere within this operating range.

SNAP-PAC-SB1 – Opto 22
The SNAP-PAC-SB1 is a serial-based I/O processor ("brain") used for serial I/O networking and local interfacing to Opto 22 SNAP I/O(tm) modules.

CT-1000 Semiautomatic Ferrule Crimping Tool – Panduit Corp.
Semiautomatic Crimping Tool CT-1000 features a rapid load design utilizing strips of ferrules for medium volume applications; lightweight multi-use tool cuts, strips and crimps wire.

Pepperl+Fuchs’ intrinsic safety FieldConnex

Modular Fieldbus Segment Protectors – Phoenix Contact
Modular segment protector, for use with both Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA, is based on T-bus connection system.

JUMPFLEX – Series 857 – WAGO Corporation
The 857 Series is a family of DIN rail mount Signal Conditioning and Relay modules designed to maximize panel space, eliminate redundant wiring, and reduce system costs.

Network Software & Diagnostics

TwinCAT EtherNet/IP Slave – Beckhoff Automation
EtherNet/IP Slave software that facilitates communication among Beckhoff devices (Industrial PCs, PLCs, etc) with EtherNet/IP master devices from other vendors.

Master simulators for profibus, Devicenet – Bihl+Wiedemann
Bihl+Wiedemann’s master simulators are universal tools for data exchange with almost every slave of a particular fieldbus.

FTS4Control Communications Analyzer – P/N
Frontline’s FTS4Control is a PC-based industrial communications analyzer for troubleshooting communications issues and network problems on Ethernet, serial and industrial buses.

DataWorX32 V9 acts as a bridge between various OPC servers, providing different OPC data channels, switching between networked primary and backup PCs when required.

Industrial Defender Technology Suite Version 3.0 – Industrial Defender, Inc.
Industrial Defender Version 3.0 cyber security protection for process control and SCADA systems includes Security Event Monitoring, Unified Threat Management, Network and Host Intrusion Detection.

OPCFailover – Jemmac Software Ltd
OPCFailover offers a simple and effective way of increasing the availability of all of your OPC data to your business benefiting OPC Client applications.

**Industrial SNMP – Kepware Technologies
iSNMP is a communications Driver enabling HMI/SCADA solutions to Monitor and Manage Automation Networks – Routers, Switches and other network infrastructure and control devices via industry standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

*KepSeverEX – Kepware Technologies
KepServerEX enables you to Maximize the Promise of OPC with a single OPC server interface for multiple protocols.

Lantronix IntelliBox-I/O 2100; IBIO21002-01 – Lantronix
Lantronix’s IntelliBox is the first programmable device server that automates remote monitoring with real-time event management and reporting– no human intervention required.

BradCommunications™ SST™ Remote DeviceNet Scanner SST-EDN-1 – Molex Inc.
BradCommunications SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner allows control of

OnCellG2150I – MOXA Technologies
The OnCell G2150I is an isolated quad-band GSM/GPRS modem that transmits data and short messages (SMS) over GSM/GPRS mobile networks. It can be used to improve the efficiency of maintenance and communication, independent of operating skill.

9211-ET Tofino Security Solution – MTL Inc. – Byres Security
The Tofino Industrial Ethernet Security Solution is the first "defense in depth" product designed to protect the final control nodes in an automation environment.

Switches, Routers & Gateways

**EKI-2735 – Advantech
5-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch

EKI-7659C Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch – Advantech Industrial Automation Group
Industrially hardened managed industrial Ethernet switch with 10ms self-healing X-ring and gigabit ports.

Magnum DX900 Industrial Router – GarrettCom, Inc.
The Magnum DX900 Industrial Router links remote, harsh-environment industrial sites to central systems and operations centers using Digital WAN services.

EDS-P308 – MOXA Technologies
MOXA’S new IEC 61850-3 Compliant Ethernet Switches Deliver Seamless Communications in Utility Substations

MGate 3000 Series – MOXA Technologies
The MGate Series,

*N-Tron 7000 series Gigabit capable industrial Ethernet switches – N-Tron
N-Tron 7000 Series, Gigabit capable Industrial Ethernet Switches are said to be ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial and/or security equipment.

cATM Control Appliance Transaction Modules – Online Development
cATM Control Appliance Transaction Modules connect installed Allen-Bradley controllers with a ControlLogix PAC without programming.

ICM8 communications gateway – Red Lion
ICM8 communication gateway module implements online data monitoring of the company’s temperature controllers and PAX Series panel meters

NL5000 – RF Neulink
The NL5000

Wireless Solutions

The Ion System 1.0 – Apprion
An industrial wireless application networking system that provides an open, scalable, secure system for monitoring, managing, and securing multi-vendor wireless devices and applications

*FlexPower wireless nodes – Banner Engineering
FlexPower nodes provide a versatile wireless solution by allowing a SureCross node to operate using 10 to 30V dc line power, solar panels, or a FlexPower battery module in remote or difficult-to-access locations.

SureCross™ Wireless Network (DX80 Gateway and Node) – Banner Engineering Corp.
SureCross™ Wireless Network—the first wireless platform built from the ground up for the industry—delivers robust monitoring and control capabilities for remote and challenging locations

ConnectPort X8 – Digi International
The ConnectPort X8 gateway provides IP connectivity to ZigBee/802.15.4 networks via a secure cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection

The ELPRO Wireless HART 802.11 Gateway provides an 802.11 wireless extension for Wireless HART systems. The ELPRO Gateway is a wireless HART master unit, with an internal 802.11 transceiver.

**OneWireless – Honeywell Process Solutions
A multi-functional industrial wireless mesh network supporting wireless sensors and applications, such as mobile productivity tools, that is simple to manage and efficient to operate.

Honeywell Instant Location System – Honeywell Process Solutions
A real-time location solution that integrates location data into applications to ensure safety, improve security and manage people and valuable assets within industrial facilities.

Viator Hart-Enabled Bluetooth PC modem – MacTek Corp.
Viator Bluetooth point-to-point modem is designed for temporary connection to HART-enabled field devices, and is being ATEX- and IS-certified for use in hazardous areas.

MVI56-WA-EIP – ProSoft Technology
The MVI56-WA-EIP module creates a real-time interface between a ControlLogix platform and 802.11 wireless devices, including laptops. Allows programming over the backplane.

RSSI-1000 – RadioMobile
Provides ability to collect and display on a map Signal strength data from most any transmitting site and determine pass of fail criteria.

BL ident modular in-line RFID – Turck
Industrial RFID: New Turck modular system integrates up to 8 I/O channels.

Machine and Embedded Control


EMC 40 series controller – Athena Controls
EMC 40 Series controllers offer the capabilities of a multi-zone PLC with analog functions

Durus Controller – GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms
Strong and sturdy family of low-end controllers integrates I/O, operator interfaces and control in one small package.

QS Safety PLC – Mitsubishi Electric
A fully certified safety PLC and accompanying open safety I/O network, CC-Link Safety

SNAP-PAC-EB1 – Opto 22
The SNAP-PAC-EB1 is a high performance I/O processor ("brain") for designing more efficient, Ethernet- based control system architectures featuring distributed intelligence at the I/O level.

SNAP-PAC-S2 – Opto 22
The SNAP-PAC-S2 is a standalone, dual Ethernet interface programmable automation controller that includes four serial ports, each configurable for either RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication.

*Modicon M340 PAC – Schneider Electric
Powerful, mid-range programmable automation controller (PAC)

**SIMOTION D410– Siemens Energy & Automaton
The SIMOTION D410 is a single axis controller that includes the drive, motion controller, PLC, full function web server and more in a compact package.

Discrete Sensors & Readers

Checker 200 Series – Cognex Corp.
Checker 200 series includes three models that offer built-in lighting, variable working distance, and high-speed inspection capability at rates faster than 6000 parts per minute.

DataMan 100 ID Readers – Cognex Corp.
DataMan 100, the world’s smallest, high-performance ID reader, reads everything from simple bar codes to challenging 2D direct-marked codes with ease.

The VA31 Vision Appliance provide quick user setup, factory friendly wiring and support for one or two cameras with choice of resolution.

SCM5B48 Accelerometer Input Module – Dataforth Corporation
World’s first configurable "5B module".

*AccuProx Analog Inductive Sensor – Eaton Corporation
The AccuProx is a high performance analog inductive proximity sensor. It outputs a signal (0-10vDC, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA) that varies in proportion to a metal target within its sensing range.

CSI 9420 Wireless Machinery Health Transmitter – Emerson Process Management
The CSI 9420 delivers accurate vibration information from hard-to-reach plant locations through a wireless network.

Redundant G-Series Temposonics Sensor – MTS Sensors
Provides maximum safety in critical applications and measures critical variables by means of up to three independent and identical measurement systems in a single sensor housing.


ML17 Series Tru-Vue™ Background Suppression Sensors – Pepperl+Fuchs
Tru-Vue Background Suppression Sensors consistently detect targets regardless of color or reflectivity without the use of reflectors or thru-beam alignment.

**S300 Safety Laser Scanner – SICK
Safety laser scanner

Embedded Products

**F18 64-bit Core2Duo 3U CPCI Single Board Computer – MEN Micro Inc.
Newest CompactPCI/CompactPCI-Express SBC with a 64-bit board based on the Intel Core Duo Processor T7500 combined with the Mobile Intel 965GM Express Chipset.

*ThinkCore W345 – MOXA Technologies
The ThinkCore W345 embedded computer provide a powerful and reliable platform for industrial wireless M2M applications such as data acquisition, protocol conversion, and remote device control and monitoring.

Tridium Vykon JACE-600 embedded controller/server platform – Tridium Inc.
The Vykon JACE-600 embedded controller/server platform integrates control, supervision, logging, alarming, and scheduling functions with the ability to manage, control, and monitor external devices over the Internet.

Instrumentation & Control Components

Components & Connectors

*Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter – Fluke Corporation
Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter measures 4-20 mA output signals from transmitters in process and industrial control system applications without breaking the current loop.

**BLUEMARK X1 – Phoenix Contact
The first industrial printer to use ultraviolet technology, the BLUEMARK prints non-smearing markers for terminal blocks and other equipment; it is the fastest printer available.

FieldPower PowerBox– Weidmuller
FieldPower is a revolutionary new technology for the distribution and termination of electrical power along conveying systems, factory automation or anywhere motion control is needed.

Instrumentation & Analysis

MB3000 FTIR Laboratory Analyzer – ABB Analytical PrU Quebec
The MB3000 facilitates acquisition, processing and analysis of samples. Easy to use and maintenance free, it provides constant analysis results for years to come.

*SM500F – ABB Instrumentation
World’s fiirst field-mountable videographic recorder

4401OXY – Barben Analyzer Technology, LLC
Designed to reduce maintenance and downtime, the fully potted metal housing can withstand long duty in abusive environments. For high visibility and easy troubleshooting, the network blocks show I/O point status on some of the largest LEDs in the business. These LEDs also signal faulted points due to short circuits or overload conditions. Each point is labeled at the bit level for ease of correspondence back to the PLC. Externally mounted rotary dials for the address and data transfer rate aid commissioning and module replacement.

TEMPpoint – Data Translation
TEMPpoint is a series of easy-to-use temperature measurement instruments. Every facet of the instrument has been designed to give the highest accuracy. Each box is a stand-alone instrument offering 48 separate 24-bit inputs for connection to a PC via US

TFZ FOUNDATION Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter – Moore Industries-International, Inc.
The TFZ saves wire and installation costs by allowing up to 32 devices to be networked onto one, low cost FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 segment.

BioTector Organic Analyzer – Ohmart/VEGA Corporation
The BioTector is a continuous on-line TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyzer for environmental monitoring, process control, and waste

X-STREAM Oxygen Transmitter – Rosemount Analytical
The X-STREAM O2 measures residual oxygen in flue gas from any combustion process, improving process efficiency, saving money and reducing the environmental impact.

**FieldMate Versatile Device Management Wizard – Yokogawa Corporation
FieldMate is a universal Windows PC-based device configuration software application.

Process Sensors

Fixed Thermal Imaging (FTi) system – Ametek Land Inc.
Fixed Thermal Imaging (FTi) system is designed for continuous thermal mapping of processing operations and plant surveillance.

The DVC6000 Series digital valve controller with the new firmware 7 can detect position feedback problems and continue to operate in “pressure control” mode.

PIM Series Pump Diagnostic Pressure Sensor (PIM093 and PIM094) – ifm efector inc.
ifm’s PIM Series pump diagnostic pressure sensor simultaneously monitors the system pressure of a pump and provides independent diagnosis of the pump’s operating condition.

**Foxboro FT10 Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor – Invensys Process Systems
The Foxboro FT10 is a non-invasive conductivity sensor that allows fluids to flow through the sensor, eliminating the insertion of probes into the process line

SVI II ESD valve positioner/safety system – Masoneilan-Dresser
The SVI IIESD valve position is a SIL3-compliant device designed in accordance with IEC 61508. The product, used as an emergency isolation valve controller, is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics to improve the overall safety integrity of the safety instrumented loop.

WEB-TEMP – Web-enabled temperature measurement module – Measurement Computing Corporation
An accurate yet economical, 8-channel temperature input device with built-in Web server and IP address—supporting thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and semiconductor sensors.

*UWTC Thermocouple-to-Wireless Connector – Omega Engineering, Inc.
stand-alone, compact,

Process & Advanced Control

Advanced Control

**LOOP-PRO Product Suite – Control Station, Inc.
Advanced PID Designer and PID Tuning Reports simplify and improve the decision-making process associated with controller tuning and process optimization.

MiMiC Simulation Software version 3 – Mynah
MiMiC v3, designed for operator training and software acceptance testing, is both powerful and scalable. This graphical .NET simulation software solution is cost

*RSLogix 5000 Fuzzy Designer – Rockwell Automation
An application allowing development of fuzzy logic algorithms for automation controllers, reducing development time, improving maintainability and ease set up of fuzzy logic programs.

Process & Batch Control

**Fisher LCP100 – Emerson Process Management
The Fisher LCP100 local control panel initiates partial stroke tests locally with the push of a button, while providing visual indicators of the valve status.

Proficy Process Systems – GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms
State-of-the-art, scalable, integrated system for Process Control that features a unique framework and an open fieldbus approach.

*Simatic PCS 7 Box 416 – Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
An all-in-one, small-scale process control system that combines control, HMI, engineering, fieldbus, historian, and batch into a single compact industrial PC.

EZ-ZONE (TM) PM – Watlow
The EZ-ZONE PM controller extends the integrated control loop functions first introduced in the EZ-ZONE ST integrated controller to the popular 1/32nd and 1/16th DIN panel mount sizes.

CAMS (Consolidated Alarm Management Software) – Yokogawa Corporation of America
CAMS is a software package designed to acquire, sort and deliver real-time alarms/events from various systems to the right person at the right time.

PumpSmart PS200 v5 – ITT Monitoring & Control
ITT ‘s award winning PumpSmart intelligent flow control system significantly reduces life cycle costs of process pumping utilizing a smart VFD controller and proprietary control software.

WeatherBug for Automation – Kepware Technologies
Kepware’s new WeatherBug for Automation driver provides real-time access to live weather data, from the national network of WeatherBug

AMO-RT is the world’s most comprehensive real-time alarm and event management suite providing operator guidance for improved safety and profitability in processing plants.