2016 System Integrator Giants

The System Integrator Giants program (SI Giants) lists the top 100 system integrators among companies listed in the CFE Media Global System Integrator Database, ranked solely on total system integration revenue.

By Bob Vavra December 15, 2016

Unlike college football rankings, the System Integrator Giants listing comes out just once a year. Like the football polls, though, there was a lot of movement at the top of this year’s SI Giants list.

Wood Group Mustang rose from second to first on the 2016 Giants list, and Leidos climbed from fourth a year ago to second in a listing that saw only one company—Prime Controls in third place—hold its spot from 2015. There continues to be growth, consolidation and change in the system integration industry, perhaps most notably the acquisition of fourth-place Maverick Technologies by Rockwell Automation.

The challenges faced by the integration industry in 2016 include economic turmoil, political confusion and a seismic shift in the world oil prices. As they always do, integrators adapt to the situations they found this year. That’s a good quality to have; the coming year looks no less challenging.

The 2016 SI Giants listings have changed as well. Beyond the basic listing information provided to us by each of the companies, we’ve asked industry leaders for their views on key issues, and we’ve provided their knowledge on topics ranging from how to choose the best integrator for your job to the keys to successful panel building.

Numbers only tell part of the story for the SI Giants; what each of these companies offers is knowledge and expertise that can’t always be measured just by the numbers. We offer the 2016 System Integrator Giants list as one measure of the value of these crucial industry leaders.

Bob Vavra is content manager, Plant Engineering, CFE Media, bvavra@cfemedia.com. Amanda Pelliccione is director of research, CFE Media, apelliccione@cfemedia.com.