5th generation design rejuvenates dc drives

By Control Engineering Staff March 7, 2001

Alpharetta, Ga. -New to North America, Simoreg 6RA70 DC Master-a 5th generation dc drive-joins Siemens’ MasterDrives family. It has modular design and same microprocessor (MPU) board and firmware for the drive’s entire output range, and five operating voltages (400-830 V ac). Typical power rating is 7.5-1,000 hp at 500 V dc; but special designs go up to 8,000 hp. Processing power is six times greater than the previous generation Simoreg drive. Execution time is 83 nsec. Siemens Energy & Automation www.sea.siemens.com

Added information
The global development team for the Simoreg 6RA70 DC Master thought the project might be in jeopardy when team member Marcus Schick landed opposite Regis Philbin in the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ hot seat late last year. Rather than riding off into the sunset with the top prize, Marcus came back to work the next week after walking away with ‘only’ $125,000. So the groundbreaking dc drive was successfully introduced, the company said, and Marcus has become a minor celebrity within Siemens, now 64,000 employees strong in the U.S.

At a glance…

  • Works with Siemens ac and dc drives

  • Operates same in five ranges, 400-830 V

  • Compact design, user-friendly maintenance, flash EPROM, redundancy

  • Loads up to 1,000 hp