Apps for Engineers

Product Exclusive: CFE Media’s Apps for Engineers software is an “app of apps,” providing an interactive directory of approximately 60 mobile engineering-related software applications useful for Control Engineering, Plant Engineering, and Consulting-Specifying Engineer areas of coverage.

By Control Engineering March 12, 2012

CFE Media announces Apps for Engineers, a free “app of apps,” providing an interactive directory of approximately 60 mobile applications useful for engineers working in industries and topics covered by Control Engineering, Plant Engineering, and Consulting-Specifying Engineer publications. These mobile engineering applications, selected by CFE Media personnel, are available in the Apple Computers App Store and in the Android Marketplace, helping CFE Media subscribers, and others using Apps for Engineers to do their jobs better, and save users time, providing a “pre-sort” of relevant mobile engineering applications.

Apps for Engineers is loaded with various calculators, catalogs, file viewers, measurement tools, and more. Version 1 of Apps for Engineers will allow the user to sort by “Category” or “Type,” navigate to a list of apps under each of these menus, view an app profile for each, and link to either the App Store or Android Marketplace to download the app. Based on their own experiences with the apps that they download, users also can use the app to link to a location on CFE Media websites that will allow them to post comments or reviews and view the comments of others.

Updated Sept. 4, 2012

– Apps for Engineers – Apple version for iPad in the Apple App Store

– Apps for Engineers – Android version for tablets available via Google Play (Android)

Those who would like to submit an app for inclusion for Version 2 of Apps for Engineers, please send an e-mail with screenshots, specs, and a description to pbrouch(at) or submit your app online using this form: Apps for Engineers: Submit Your Mobile App

Benefits of Apps for Engineers

“Engineers test and use new tools constantly to enhance production. Helping an engineer quickly identify potentially useful mobile application tools is something that will significantly benefit our engineering audience,” said CFE Media CEO Steve Rourke. “CFE Media is excited to launch ‘Apps for Engineers’ where engineers can quickly search the best mobile apps in the market, discover which ones will address their needs, and then download them immediately.”