Automation Fair 2002: Integrated safety systems offer protection

Anaheim, CA - Machine safety has been playing catch-up to safety measures long in place in process industries. Rockwell Automation made a significant addition to its portfolio of safety products and solutions at Automation Fair 2002.

By Control Engineering Staff December 9, 2002

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Anaheim, CA – Machine safety has been playing catch-up to safety measures long in place in process industries. Rockwell Automation made a significant addition to its portfolio of safety products and solutions at Automation Fair 2002. Emerging global standards, new technologies, and comprehensive safety strategies are helping companies perform plant-wide integration of safety control systems, and as a result, meet more aggressive productivity and profitability goals.

”In the past, safety control implementation required a myriad of compromises,” said Elik Fooks, Rockwell Automation vp . ”While the intent to protect workers and processes was certainly sound, safety systems were expensive to implement and functioned as stand-alone operations by design. Today, companies have an opportunity to integrate control and safety systems for improved collaboration-a move that will give companies the real-time information needed for decision making.”

New products, systems, and services in this extensive safety portfolio include:

Machine Safety Services helps guide customers through the assessment, selection, and installation of a fully integrated safety system. The consulting services will include audits, risk assessments, and risk reduction planning for machine safeguarding and facilities that must meet standards set forth by OSHA and ANSI.

ElectroGuard Safety Isolation System meets Safety Category 4 of EN 954-1 and facilitates lockout/tagout procedures. The system can isolate both electrical and pneumatic energy with the operation of padlockable stations located at strategic points on the machine or process. Available in 23 – 1,200 Ampere sizes, other features include redundant, self-monitoring circuits incorporating safety relays and contactors (rather than mechanical disconnects) to increase the system’s lifespan from 10,000 cycles to up to 2,000,000 cycles. The system is also network compatible, enabling it to communicate status to a PLC. Additional optional features include branch circuit protection, pneumatic isolation, and metering.

ControlLogix SIL2 products in the ControlLogix family of controllers have received certification from TÜV Rheinland for use in up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 applications.

CIP Safety Network, Rockwell Automation in collaboration with Omron and Sick AG, developed an open protocol for safety communications. Based on the existing Control and Information Protocol (CIP) found in DeviceNet, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP, CIP Safety has received concept approval by TÜV Rheinland. This represents a major milestone in meeting the requirements of safety technology in an open, interoperable network environment.

GuardPLC Peer-to-Peer Networking is now available with the GuardPLC controller family enabling these controllers talk to another device to relay its status on the network, saving time and improving troubleshooting.

Safety Connection Systems line of passive connection system products are designed to replace hardwiring and provide plug-and-play connectivity in safety applications.

GuardShield Safety Light Curtains features an IP67-rated aluminum housing, fixed and floating blanking, beam coding, and external device monitoring (EDM). Modes of operation are dip-switch selectable.

SafeZone Safety Laser Scanners , an alternative to safety mats, offers zone protection for both stationary and mobile applications.

NEMA-Style Safety Limit Switches are TÜV-certified, snap-action switches with a four-circuit NEMA-style design. The snap-action capability provides millisecond changeover between contacts, which helps to eliminate ”contact tease.”

Modular Safety Relays use plug-and-play digital I/O expansion modules providing up to 22 inputs and 10 outputs to allow safety control of larger, more complex manufacturing equipment with a single relay system. Its microprocessor-based design offers enhanced diagnostics and allows the relay to deliver output and error status onto a display module.

Bulletin 100S Safety Contactors line has been expanded to handle up to 860 Amps.

MobileView Guard family of portable Allen-Bradley HMI terminals includes a line for high-level safety applications and is equipped with on-board emergency stop pushbuttons and three-position enable switches.

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