Book: Parametric modeling for beginners

By Control Engineering Staff May 10, 2007

Parametric Modeling Using Autodesk Inventor is the title and content of a new book for beginners by James P. LoFaso, a mechanical design engineer. LoFaso is a former employee of Synergis Engineering Design Solutions (EDS), a division of Synergis Technologies Inc. and long-time Synergis EDS user. “I am excited to be able to share my 3D mechanical design expertise with new and existing design professionals,” said LoFaso. “Whenever I have taught CAD [computer-aided design] classes, I have always included hands-on sessions…. It [is] one of the most valuable ways to learn the software.”

The book lets readers practice the concepts by creating a composite project and seeing it come to fruition in a single design throughout the course of the book. The goal of the book is to emphasize feature-based modeling with “Inventor” as the tool used to illustrate parametric concepts. In each chapter is a discussion of parametric modeling, following a discussion covering the basics of Inventor. With LoFaso’s ability to make the Inventor discussions simple and easy to understand, readers will take away all of the necessary skills to explore the software in greater detail.

LoFaso is a mechanical design engineer who first started working with Synergis EDS in the early 1990s when he became a CAD instructor. Throughout his career—working as a CAD director for Northhamption Community College and at companies including Matheston Trigas, Havis-Shields Equipment Corp., and currently at Amplifier Research—he has been very active in learning new CAD programs. The project discussed in the book is loosely based on a machine LoFaso worked on at Dayton T. Brown Inc., a manufacturing company that also provides technical services.

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—Edited by Renee Robbins , Control Engineering editorial director