Buyer’s Guide Information

By Control Engineering Staff January 1, 1990

Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide 2000-01

Q. How do I update my free listings?
A. Updates of free listings in Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide must occur online.
More than 4,300 people at all companies in last year’s guide receive a mailing May 12-16 containing:

  • Cover letter ink-jetted at the top with the user’s log-in and password.

  • Directions on how to update free listings ONLINE ONLY.

  • Updated category list (for reference only—updates must happen online).

  • Advertising opportunities information with

    • Promotion piece describing advertising opportunities online and in print.

    • Form for buying print logo/column inch ads to go with the free listings.

Q1. Can I get copies of this information?
A. PDF versions of this information (minus the log-ins and passwords) are available on this page for reference.
Q2. When are the deadlines?
A. Very soon!

  • Deadline for print version display ads is May 31.

  • Deadline for free updates to be included in the print version is June 5.

  • Deadline for paid logos/column ads in the print version is June 5.

  • Online banners, buttons, and hotlinks may be purchased later, but the best value is in combination with print advertising.

  • The guide print version, originally labled Mid-June, will publish in Mid-July, allowing time to implement the new, online free-listing update process.

  • Online updates may be verified anytime.

Q3. When will the print edition appear and who gets it?
A. Print version will be a Mid-July edition to 150,000 North American buyers and specifiers of automation, control, and instrumentation products, systems, and software. This changed from Mid-June, to accommodate the new, online update process. Cut-off for getting information in or updated for this print edition is June 5.
Q4. My dog ate/I lost my log-in identification and password. What do I do?
A. Contact Jeanine Katzel, Control Engineering assistant editor, at or 630-320-7126. She has the list of log-ins and passwords.
Q5. We need to create a new free listing, since we weren’t in the guide last year and do sell automation, control, or instrumention equipment, components, or software in North America. How?
A. You need a log-in and password to create a new free listing. Contact Jeanine Katzel, Control Engineering assistant editor at or 630-320-7126 so she can get some information from you and assign you a log-in and password.
Q6. Is there a limit to the number of categories we can check off?
A. No. Check off as many as are appropriate.
Q7. To do last year’s free listings, we used reference numbers and a printed form. Can I submit the category reference list as my free listing form?
A. No. For greater ease, accuracy, and year-round convenience, all free listings are now updated online only. The updated category/cross reference list is only to help with the online updates—we will not accept paper forms to update free listings.
Q8. How do I know if someone else in my company has received the mailing and is updating listings?
A. In some cases, two or more people from one company were listed as contacts to receive the mailing (example: sales manager and president). Each should be able to see the master version now displayed on the website and if any updated version is pending or has been approved. (Don’t assume someone else will update your listing.)
Q9. My company has multiple divisions. How do I check if other divisions have received mailings?
A. Call your counterpart at other divisions or e-mail Jeanine Katzel, Control Engineering assistant editor at or 630-320-7126, to see who in each division received the mailing and passwords.
Q10. I updated my listings, hit Apply and Submit to Editor, but don’t see the the updates online yet at What happened?
A. We’ll try to approve all listings within five business days of submission. If we haven’t gotten to it yet, you can log in again and see that your update is still in the system and “pending.” If the listing is denied for some remote reason, contact Jeanine Katzel at or 630-320-7126.
Q11. We’re introducing a new product line soon and have an acquisition pending. Can I update free listings later?
A. Deadline for update information to be included in the 2000-2001 print version is June 5. You may update the Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide online, anytime, year round.
Q12. I’m new in this position and the person to whom the password was assigned to is no longer here. Can I use that person’s log-in and password?
A. Yes, but be sure to change the contact information as part of your update process by using the My Contact Info area.
Q13. Our division or company has changed addresses. Can I update that?
A. Yes, update addresses by going to the My Company Info area.
Q14. I notice in the updated guide there’s a plce for Control Engineering Online readers to request more information. How do I get those leads? Is there any cost?
A. There’s presently no cost for these leads as long as you provide a valid e-mail address in the update process. Any leads will be e-mailed to you at the end of the month starting in June, or you can access them more frequently at the site. Advertisers get the added benefit of website hotlinks with related tracking.
Q15. I want to buy display advertising, product mart, or literature mart ads in the print version.
A. Hurry and call your local Control Engineering sales representative—deadline for print display advertising is May 31. Print display advertisers get free hotlinks, a $750 value.
Q16. I want to insert my company/division logo or column ad in the print version with my free listings.
A. The form to include a logo or column ad with your free listing is available on this page in a PDF file. It should be printed, filled in and faxed/sent to Margie Gonzalez, Tel: 630-320-7192, Fax: 630-320-7110, , not later than June 5.