CNC controller for vertical knee mills

The Acu-Rite Millpwrg2 control is a computer numerical control (CNC) designed for vertical knee mills and has functions that include a geometry calculator, tool plunge, and G-code editing capabilities and features like USB and a high-resolution display.

By Acu-Rite December 31, 2014

The Acu-Rite MillpwrG2 control is a CNC designed for vertical knee mills and has functions like a geometry calculator, tool plunge, and G-code editing capabilities. The geometry calculator is used to construct point/line/arc entities that can then be transferred to the part program. This built-in calculator can handle simple arithmetic, complex trigonometry, geometry, and RPM calculations. 

The addition of the MillpwrG2‘s G-code programs offers basic editing capabilities, as well as allowing the value of an existing G-code address to be changed. The values of the following addresses can be edited: F, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, S, T, X, Y, and Z. The G2 also features USB, networking accessibility, solid model graphics, and a 12.1-in. high-resolution display. It also has a 1 GHz processor with 2.5 GB of memory.


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