Commercial vehicles get new hybrid battery technology

Johnson Controls-Saft and Azure Dynamics Inc. partner to provide advanced lithium-ion hybrid battery technology. Link to more on batteries, instrumentation, and energy harvesting.

By Control Engineering Staff February 17, 2009

Milwaukee,WI – Johnson Controls-Saft and Azure Dynamics Inc. announced a new supply agreement that will provide some of the world’s most advanced lithium-ion (Li-Ion) hybrid battery technology to power commercial vehicles in North America. The five-year supply agreement signals progress in the development of a U.S. supply base to help build an infrastructure for development and manufacture of hybrid electric vehicles.

Link to more about batteries, instrumentation, energy harvesting

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Most current hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technology uses nickel metal hydride batteries. Lithium-ion offers a lighter, more powerful design with a longer life than most current technologies and is viewed as the technology of choice to power plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the near future. Johnson Controls-Saft is an independent supplier of Li-Ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles with multiple production and development contracts with global automakers.
The 345-volt battery system will utilize advanced Li-Ion cell technology optimized for life, power, and reliability. The cell design was supported through Johnson Controls-Saft’s partnership with the United States Advanced Battery Consortium and the Department of Energy to develop advanced energy storage technology for electrified powertrain vehicles. The battery pack is designed to mount under the vehicle body and can withstand road debris and water spray and submersion. Azure will utilize the pack on its current Balance Hybrid Electric and future hybrid platforms. The company’s vehicles are in operation for major fleet customers like AT&T, Con Edison, FedEx Express and Purolator Couriers.
In addition to fuel savings and environmental benefits, Azure’s Balance Hybrid Electric technology is said to reduce vehicle maintenance costs by approximately 30%, further reducing overall fleet operating costs.
– Edited by David Greenfield , editorial director
Control Engineering News Desk
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