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By Control Engineering Staff July 13, 2005

Global Power Control

In an increasingly global marketplace, it’s no longer enough for OEMs to design electrical products and systems with only domestic consumption in mind. To be accepted by users around the world, OEM electrical products must be compliant with a wide variety of international standards and diverse operating conditions. And, to succeed against growing competition both here and abroad, they must strive to deliver solutions that offer superior value through ease of implementation and use, reliability, efficiency, and safety.

That’s why Eaton is offering its new XT line of IEC power control products, including contactors, starters, overload relays, manual motor protectors, and combination motor controllers. In addition to being easy to install, easy to use, and extremely efficient, the XT line complies with all major international specifications, including IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, and CE standards as well as RoHS requirements for component environmental safety as required by the European Community. The XT line also features reliable AC control up to 600V and DC control up to 220V.

When it comes to providing appealing products for a shrinking world, small is beautiful, indeed. Eaton has packed industry-leading capabilities into remarkably small, energy-efficient devices. Consider the following:

  • With as low as only 0.5 watts of sealing power consumption, Eaton XT products are more energy-efficient and generate less heat than many competitors’ products. As a result, OEMs can create smaller panels that deliver a bigger punch than they could before. Or, if OEMs prefer, they can house more electrical components in the same size panels they previously used.

  • XT components are designed for side-by-side mounting. The XT mechanical interlocking system leaves no space between forward and reversing contactors, enabling OEMs to create smaller cabinets and enclosures.

  • XT products are easy to install. Components simply snap together, and Eaton’s reduced-wiring design delivers lower costs, less complexity, and greater reliability.

  • The XT line includes enclosed products as well as open models. The enclosure—ECX—is designed to house more power in a small size. For example, a combination motor controller requires only an 11″ x 10″ enclosure, and a 65A combination starter needs an enclosure no larger than 12″ x 12″. Since every inch of space saved reduces costs by $100, the financial benefits add up quickly.

In addition, XT products enhance safety. For example, XT is available in DC control voltages. The use of one DC voltage eliminates the need to transform the variety of AC input voltages used worldwide, thus improving safety and reducing system costs. For a combination motor controller up to 15A, the tool-less plug assembly creates a visible isolating gap, increasing product safety. Contactors up to 400A utilize box terminals with dual terminal chambers to reduce the possibility of flash.

Whether they are located in India, Indonesia or Indianapolis, all manufacturers want to save money, time and floor space as well as operate safely. By including XT in your solution, you can help them achieve those ends. To learn more, contact your Eaton representative.

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