EC: LevelFinderPlus

Process Control - Process sensors: Tracerco LevelFinderPlus is the first and only nucleonic instrument capable of providing reliable, accurate and repeatable level measurement in process systems prone to solid deposits and vapour pressure changes. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

Tracerco has developed a new innovative level gauge, Tracerco LevelFinderPlus, which accurately provides level information where solids build-up on vessel walls would falsify measurements. The system, with a new to the world use of segmental detectors, allows process operators to measure true level in systems prone to solids build-up and vapour pressure changes, improving production yields through optimised processing and significantly reducing downtime.

The patented technology provides an unparalleled insight into vessel operating conditions. Conventional nucleonic level measurement systems can have errors of over 40% in processes prone to build-up and vapour density fluctuations. Operators are unable to optimise these processes, leading to significant loss of production and potentially dangerous operating conditions.

Tracerco LevelFinderPlus is designed for liquid level measurement and solids monitoring in challenging oil, chemical and petrochemical industry applications. The simplicity of the measurement and the fact that it is non-intrusive makes it ideally suited to complex, “dirty” or “harsh” processes in which internal sensors could be impacted by the process.