EC: Micro Motion Model 5700 transmitter

Process Control - Flowmeters: The Micro Motion 5700 Coriolis flow and density transmitter delivers the best in measurement technology and offers unparalleled support—ensuring total measurement confidence, valuable process insight and improved productivity through simplified solutions. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 15, 2015

The Micro Motion 5700 transmitter is the product of extensive research and design focused on delivering a transmitter that enables our customers to increase the operational safety and efficiency of their processes.

The transmitter housing was engineered to provide easy access for installation, mounting, and maintenance. The more intuitive transmitter interface allows full commissioning, configuration, and operations through the display, meaning customers are no longer dependant on a specialized service tool to set up and troubleshoot the meter. These features provide a new paradigm of ease of use for greater productivity.

The 5700 transmitter incorporates extensive tools and diagnostics that further remove uncertainty in the meter performance or the overall process measurement. Configuration tracking and other data logs provide detailed records of meter configuration changes, and the new Zero Verification tool offers an additional check that the meter is operating as it should be.

The 5700 transmitter also provides a host of features that deliver greater process insight. More descriptive alerts through the larger, graphical display offer a two-part approach to troubleshooting: provide clear, concise information that explains the issue and offer recommended actions to resolve the issue. And, the transmitter’s real time clock and "always on" data logging and storing functionality allows users access to a wealth of process and diagnostics information. This offers users the ability to "go back in time" to aid troubleshooting and allow investigation of trends for improved process optimization.

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