EC: PACT RCP Rogowski Coil Solution

Power - Energy, power protection: Phoenix Contact's Rogowski Coil solution, designed for rapid current transformer (CT) installation in retrofit applications, features a flexible, open-ended measurement coil and a choice between two output kits for 0 to 1 A CT and 0 to 10 V/4 to 20 mA analog applications. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 15, 2015

Phoenix Contact’s Rogowski Coil solutions provide a new current transformer (CT) alternative that can measure alternating currents in eight ranges, from 0 to 100 A to 0 to 4,000 A. Unlike traditional split-core CTs, Rogowski coils are flexible, light-weight, and can provide eight DIP switch-configurable CT ratios with just one part number.

The measurement coil itself is designed as an open-ended loop, allowing the Rogowski coil to be separated easily for quick installation on an existing busbar or wire. There are no tools to handle and no hardware to lose, all thanks to a unique busbar mounting clamp and a simple bayonet latch on the coil housing.

The Rogowski principle of operation eliminates dangerous open-circuit voltages inherent to split-core CTs and the need for CT shorting blocks. It also eliminates the possibility of current transformer damage during short circuit events. Additionally, it affords the user superior frequency response when compared to traditional CTs, making it possible to accurately capture transients and harmonics.

There are two available transducers that connect to the measurement coil. Users have the option of a 0- to 1-A CT output or a standard 0- to 10-V/4- to 20-mA analog output. The outputs are universal and can be integrated with equipment from virtually any manufacturer.

The 0- to 1-A module is the first and only standard 0- to 1-A CT Rogowski solution on the market today. The output of the module is a true 0- to 1-A current transformer signal that can be integrated into any system requiring a CT input, including energy metering and management devices.

Phoenix Contact’s MINI Pro analog output module offers the user a 0- to 10-V/4- to 20-mA option for easy integration into most control systems. It allows the user to eliminate CTs, shorting blocks, and CT-to-analog conversion modules; instead, the user can bring high current ac measurements directly into the control system.

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