EC: Platinum e PMAC and Inverter, permanent magnet ac motor and integrated drive

Motion control, motors: The Platinum e PMAC motor is now available as a stock product and upgraded with a complementary ac inverter that improves efficiency, all under the Leeson brand. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

The advanced PMAC technology in Platinum e motors improves system performance with a radial permanent magnetic design that minimizes rotor loss, which significantly reduces operating temperature and vibration. When a Platinum e motor is matched with a variable frequency drive, the combination helps optimize mechanical systems to achieve maximum output and lowest total cost of operation.

The Platinum e PMAC motor delivers outstanding benefits:

  • Greater power density from a larger horsepower motor engineered in a smaller package to easily retrofit into the same space as a standard motor
  • Immediate availability as a stock product
  • Lower energy use and reduced utility costs from a complementary ac inverter, specific to the Platinum e PMAC motor, that inherently varies speed during use
  • Increased efficiency and quieter operation from re-designed lugging.

Through continuous customer observation and interaction, Leeson identified the preference for a standardized design. In developing that, a complementary ac inverter was added, specific to the Platinum e PMAC motor. This redesigned motor system operates more efficiently and quietly.

Heat is a motor’s worst enemy. But with the permanent magnet design of Platinum e motors, rotor loss is minimized, which significantly reduces operating temperature. There are also longer maintenance intervals and increased service life of the entire drive system since power transmission devices such as pulleys, belts, and gear reducers have been simplified or removed.

More compact and lighter than comparable ac induction motors, Platinum e solutions contribute to lower overall machine weight and smaller dimensions. This helps simplify installation, minimize lifting equipment needs and reduce transport costs. A range of accessories ensures the modular Platinum e series is easy to retrofit where conventional motors are installed.

Leeson Electric,