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EC: PLC Logic

Machine & Embedded Control - PACs, PLCs: PLC Logic is a pluggable smart relay system that that enables logic capability in a small package, making it ideal for simple control applications in small spaces. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 15, 2015

PLC Logic, Phoenix ContactPLC Logic from Phoenix Contact is a smart relay system designed to perform small automation tasks quickly, in a small amount of space. PLC Logic allows users to switch and control digital and analog I/O signals using one system. The pluggable logic modules pair with slim 6.2-mm PLC relays to form a space-saving micro controller measuring only 50 mm wide. The logic modules are compatible with a range of Phoenix Contact electromechanical or solid-state relays and available in various voltage sizes. The relays are replaceable, so there is no need to shut down the system and rewire between control and interface levels. This makes maintenance easier.

This innovative smart relay system processes digital and analog input signals, as well as timer and logic functions. The system can process from 16 up to a maximum of 48 I/O signals with two extension modules. Each of the freely configurable I/O channels can be configured as inputs, two of which can be analog inputs (0 to 10 V) using the free LOGIC+ programming software. LOGIC+ is intuitive, drag-and-drop software using integrated function blocks. Each logic module has a built-in real time clock allowing users to program various events over a week including: on delay, off delay, pulse/flash, and timer functions.

If users need to communicate information from PLC Logic modules to a network, they simply add a Phoenix Contact Gateway. The Gateway acts as a translator between the user’s control network and IFS-enabled devices. Compared to conventional micro controllers, PLC Logic is cost-effective and is easy to program and maintain.

Phoenix Contact,