EC: Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor

Power — Energy, power protection: Eaton's Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor combines remote real-time energy monitoring capabilities down to the plug level with overload alerts to help minimize or prevent downtime. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

Eaton’s Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor (PXBCM) is an advanced remote power monitoring solution that provides customers with greater visibility of energy usage and enhanced control response to energy loads and circuits all the way down to the plug level.

The electrical monitoring solution is designed to help support improved power management and power usage efficiency in high-density industrial sites or across an entire enterprise.

As the power demands on today’s facilities continue to grow, the PXBCM from Eaton helps customers cost effectively monitor, integrate, and protect mission-critical electrical equipment and data systems while improving overall uptime and reliability.

By combining advanced sensing, monitoring and reporting capabilities down to the plug level, the PXBCM provides remote access to live, circuit-level energy usage data for entire facilities. Reported data can be viewed and managed from an intuitive onboard web interface that provides overload alerts when circuits are close to exceeding acceptable power threshold levels.

The PXBCM meter also helps track power usage to minimize or prevent downtime while meeting or exceeding compliance with changing building codes and regulations.

In line with Eaton’s leading Power Xpert energy and power management product suite, the PXBCM safeguards reliability while supporting efforts to improve overall energy efficiency while providing cost savings. This meter is simple to install, integrates easily with other systems, and provides detailed and accurate information for beneficial cost analysis.