EC: Sigma-7 servo amplifier for rotary, linear, and direct drive motors

Motion Control — Servo drives: SGD7 Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS deliver precise, high-speed control for rotary, linear, and direct drive motors in automated machines. They also link to programmable motion controllers, supporting a complete motion automation system. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

The dreams of today’s automation designers are often limited by the capabilities of the components used to achieve them. Speed and precision of motion are among the most critical limitations. If the basics of complex movement aren’t delivered far faster and with much greater accuracy, ambitious new automation designs become practically impossible.

While the basics of motion haven’t changed since Newton, a new generation of Yaskawa servo amplifiers are now opening up a greater realm of possibilities for both design sophistication and improvement in productivity. SGD7 Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS from Yaskawa represent a significant step forward in critical performance factors. Velocity loop bandwidth has been increased to 3.1 kHz, an improvement that dramatically reduces the time needed for a servo to settle at the precise position required. These servo amplifiers are able to respond reliably when stressed by inertia ratios as wide as 30 to 1, allowing the precision and flexibility of servo motion to be applied to many applications that once required cumbersome mechanical linkages. Now supporting motor encoder resolutions of 16 million pulses per revolution, SGD7 SERVOPACKS are equipped with 16 times more position data than the previous industry standard.

From the standpoint of electromechanical design and digital control, Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS are reassuringly similar to other servo systems that have gone before. On the other hand, they are the first product to cross a threshold of performance that opens up unique, innovative and revolutionary possibilities in industrial automation.

SGD7 Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS range in capacity from 50 W to 15 kW to provide precise control for rotary, linear, and direct drive Sigma-7 servomotors. They are also available in single and dual axis models, support multiple communication protocols, and offer options for fully closed loop feedback and advanced functional safety.

Yaskawa America Inc.,