Embedded control: Webcast discusses using FPGAs manage performance and power

Differentiating embedded control products calls for FPGAs with greater functionality, maximum performance, and minimum power consumption.
By Control Engineering Staff November 24, 2008

Learn from Altera Corporation’s Seyi Verma, product marketing manager for the company’s Stratix Series FPGAs, and Vaughn Betz, Director of Software Engineering, about using high-end 40-nm field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that meet next- generation performance and power requirements for embedded controls. Download the webcast for a behind-the-scenes look at new technologies such as:
• Strained silicon and triple-gate oxide, and why they matter to you;
• New transceiver technology for the highest system bandwidth;
• Power optimization via FPGA architecture and the Quartus II software.
C.G. Masi , senior editor
Control Engineering News Desk
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