Embedded systems for remote operation in harsh conditions

Advantech’s ADAM-3600 remote terminal unit (RTU) can be used in any inhospitable region where devices need to be managed remotely.

By Advantech March 2, 2016

Advantech’s ADAM-3600 remote terminal unit (RTU) utilizes Advantech’s TagLink technology, a modular wireless expansion system. TagLink is an embedded technology that eliminates the work of processing the raw data and provides a unified interface for different protocol servers. It also supports data interlock to prevent conflicting access from different applications. These features ensure that the data from the ADAM-3600 can be accessed from the IoT cloud. The ADAM-3600 with two Ethernet ports and three serial ports doesn’t require extra space to add additional I/O, wireless, GPRS devices within small cabinets. The ADAM-3600 has several features to help it withstand the rigors of the weather. It has been designed with industrial grade components and has a temperature range between -40 to 158 F as well as meets the requirements of Class I, Division 2 UL certification. The ADAM-3600 can be used in any inhospitable regions where many devices need to be managed remotely.


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