Expanded coverage: Embedded control news you can use

By Control Engineering Staff March 15, 2007

Control Engineering ‘s coverage of embedded control news and new products is being expanded. Look for news, case histories, and technology articles from Senior Editor Charlie Masi, Consulting Editor Frank Bartos, and Contributing Editor Peter Cleaveland online and in print. Charlie and Peter will be combing the floor of the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose next month to bring you the latest announcements.

You’ll find reports from the conference and coverage of other embedded control topics in Control Engineering ‘s Machine Control Monthly e-newsletter. In print, look for feature articles in the Inside Machines section of Control Engineering and throughout the publication. For additional information on embedded control topics, be sure to check out the following articles:

  • News: Bus & Board 2007 speakers address VMEbus trends, new technologies

  • News: Vita adopts new policy on intellectual property used in standards

  • Feature: Not Your Father’s RTOS

  • Feature: SiC Semiconductors