Explosion-protected medium-voltage motors

By Control Engineering Staff November 1, 1999

CD355H-CD450(500)H series of three-phase motors from Felten & Guilleaume, a part of the Moeller Company Group, are designed to EN 50014, specification “flameproof enclosure.” Motor terminal boxes comply with the “increased safety” classification. The identification EEx deIICT4 on the motor plate denotes that it is a “hazardous area motor,” explosion-proof to group IIC. The T4 marking identifies the motor as belonging to temperature class T4 as standard. Since acceptance of this motor range is in accordance with ATEX 100, the machines bear the CE mark. Their high level of protection makes them suitable for use in all zone 1 and zone 2 category hazardous areas. The motors are available in three frame sizes. Their nominal speeds at 50 Hz can be 3000, 1500, 1000 or 750 rpm. The output power of the motors lies between 160 kW and 700 kW, for an ambient temperature range of -200 to 400 7C.

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