F1 to healthcare: The story of McLaren applied technologies

McLaren, best known for their success in Formula 1 racing, uses sensors to gather and interpret data on the racetrack as well as applications ranging from safety, healthcare, and technology.

By Anisa Samarxhiu September 11, 2014

McLaren may be known for their F1 cars, but at the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition, data was the focus of their presentation. Although it may not be visible to the audience watching a race, but the McLaren Formula 1 cars are filled with sensors. It is McLaren’s job to take that data and use it to create models, create a strategy, and interpret the data to help the drivers make decisions that will lead to victory.

Mike Phillips, a mechanical engineer for McLaren, showed how the company can do the same with complex data in different environments and situations. One example from Phillips was interpreting data from Heathrow Airport’s air traffic control in London to make better decisions so the planes aren’t flying around while waiting for tarmacs to clear.

Other examples included using data to optimize bicycle design; in biotelemetry applications they gathered data to predict injuries through fatigue; and in construction they were able to monitor workers’ heart rates to see whether they were in danger.

All of this depends, Phillips said, on being able to gather information from the sensors and turning it into usable intelligent data. With the constant innovation of technology, digital health and wellness will only continue to grow, and it will be data that will underpins everything that McLaren continues to do.

– Anisa Samarxhiu, Digital Project Manager, CFE Media, asamarxhiu@cfemedia.com