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By Control Engineering Staff April 29, 2005
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General information/frequently asked questions
What’s happening to the Control Engineering Online Buyer’s Guide?
To expand reach, traffic, listing quality, and make it easier to use, Control Engineering has partnered with sister company Kellysearch to upgrade our online Buyer’s Guide, which will now be known as CE SupplierSearch at www.cesuppliersearch.com .

Can I get to CE SupplierSearch from the Control Engineering online and the Control Engineering Resource Center?
Absolutely. Access and links from www.controleng.com , / and from the widely used URL www.controleng.com/buyersguide remain the same. Also get there directly via www.cesuppliersearch.com .

Why is CE SupplierSearch at www.cesuppliersearch.com powered by Kellysearch?
Advantages are many. Kellysearch, the premier B2B search engine available globally, is essential in sourcing products and suppliers from the United States or around the world. A full-time team and automated Web-crawling technology ensure high-quality, up-to-date listings in more specific categories than offered in Control Engineering ’s Buyer’s Guide. Kelly’s (now Kellysearch) was established in the United Kingdom in 1799 and has been published ever since. Kelly’s is synonymous with high-quality industrial product and service information. The range of Kelly’s products and services available through CE SupplierSearch builds on this success, offering a powerful service and advertising medium for industrial companies globally.

Kellysearch is huge. How relevant is www.cesuppliersearch.com ?
It will be highly relevant, with the combined resources of Control Engineering and Kellysearch. Even before www.cesuppliersearch.com started feeding traffic to Kellysearch, top 20 searched products at www.kellysearch.com include many of interest for control engineers: CNC Engineering or Machining; Computer Dealers or Brokers or Distributors or Agents, Computer Hardware; Computer Services, Systems Development Software; Control Panels; Fasteners, Industrial; Injection Mouldings, Plastic; and Precision Engineers.

How can I narrow search results at www.cesuppliersearch.com powered by Kellysearch?
Use the pull-down menu to narrow to the appropriate region of the world. Once you click into a listing, you can narrow further by state.

Listing/category information
How do I update/upgrade my listing?
Update your listing at the globally used and widely accepted Kellysearch to make it available at CE SupplierSearch, Kellysearch, and other “Powered by Kellysearch” sites within Reed Business Information, such as those for Design News , Industrial Distribution , and Modern Materials Handling , among others. When the Control Engineering Online Buyer’s Guide transitions to Control Engineering ’s CE SupplierSearch, your updated listing will be available at all affiliated sites, where appropriate searches are performed. Go to www.cesuppliersearch.com under List My Company for password information and easy instructions.

Did my listing or the URL for my listing transfer?
Control Engineering editors worked with Kellysearch staff to transfer as much information as possible to CE SupplierSearch at www.cesuppliersearch.com , including passwords, when practical. It’s to your advantage to go to www.cesuppliersearch.com under “Edit my company,” “List my company,” and/or “Create a personal login,” to check/update your listing.

How do I list my company on CE SupplierSearch, powered by Kellysearch?
You may already be there. If not, and if you have a registered address and your business relates to Industry/Manufacturing, then you can list your company free of charge. Before you can update your entry or list your company, you must “create a personal login” at www.cesuppliersearch.com (or www.kellysearch.com or at any of the affiliated “Powered by Kellysearch” sites.)

Is my Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide listing now part of CE SupplierSearch, powered by Kellysearch?
Yes, unless listings had insufficient or outdated information. If you’re not seeing appropriate listings at www.cesuppliersearch.com , please use the “List My Company” feature.

I had a Kellysearch listing and a Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide listing. What do I have now?
The listings were merged and will appear at www.cesuppliersearch.com , www.kellysearch.com , and affiliated sites power by Kellysearch. Use the personal login feature to get your password and update as needed. Kellysearch passwords require a minimum of 6 characters/numbers, and they are case sensitive.

Are my Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide categories copied into Kellysearch, or were other categories selected for me?
Control Engineering augmented Kellysearch categories; CE SupplierSearch and Kellysearch now use Control Engineering categories where there were no Kellysearch equivalents.

Our business moves quickly. How often may I update my listing at www.cesuppliersearch.com ?
Update your entry free of charge as often as needed. It is vital that you update your entry regularly, as you could be missing out on specific inquiries and potential buyers of your products/services.

I see a listing for my company. How do I get the password?
Even though you have a listing, you still need to create a personal login to start using the My Kellysearch service for www.cesuppliersearch.com . You will only need to do this once. In the future you can select “Login” on the www.cesuppliersearch page.

I see other listings for my company in Kellysearch, but I didn’t do them. How do I find out who in my company (or another division of my company, or a distributor) is authorized to change a listing?
The Kellysearch team can connect you with the person authorized to change a listing. Use the “General Information Request” at www.cesuppliersearch.com under “Contact Us.”

Does my Kellysearch listing change other than when I change it?
An automated crawler updates free listings with new information from the company’s own Web site if there are no updates made within 18 months, keeping www.cesuppliersearch.com fresh for its users. Advertising listings are only changed at the request of the advertiser.

Advertising questions/print guide
I’ve advertised/sponsored the online Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide. Is there an equivalent in CE SupplierSearch?
Remaining campaigns were transferred to a sponsorship of equal or greater value in www.cesuppliersearch.com. Contact your Control Engineering representative with any questions.

Is there a Control Engineering printed buyer’s guide?
Information about Control Engineering print editions are available at www.controleng.com/mediainfo .
For advertising opportunities, please contact your Control Engineering representative.

My question wasn’t answered. Help me please!
I’m sorry you didn’t find exactly what you needed. Please go to www.cesuppliersearch.com under “Contact us” to email your question to the appropriate contact at Kellysearch or at Control Engineering , so we can get back to you as soon as we can.