`Fastest lathe in the world’

By Control Engineering Staff June 10, 2002

Escomatic has a production capacity of 120 parts per minute.

Zürich, Switzerland es around the world for mass production applications of small metal objects such as jewellery, dart tips, medical devices, and watch components.

Esco offers four types of machine and accessories, three of which are equipped with GE Fanuc control systems. Two of these use CNC technology while the third, the Escomatic D2 Flex Speed, uses PLC technology.

The PLC enables stepless speed control for curve shaft segments, with individual speed settings possible for up to 20 sections. This allows, for instance, feed to be increased when turning, or decreased when cutting. As a consequence, job time is no longer determined by the slowest process. In addition, spindle and straightening speeds can be continuously adjusted, thus allowing further optimisation of the processing parameters for individual operations.

Michael Babb, EditorControl Engineering Europe michael.babb@cahnerseurope.com