Flow sensor: Straight tube Coriolis flowmeter

By Control Engineering Staff March 22, 2007

Straight tube design makes for a compact Coriolis package.

Expanding its line of straight tube Coriolis flowmeter designs, Krohne has further developed its Optimass 1000 series, intended for more budget minded users. The Optimass 1300 Coriolis flowmeter (combining the 1000 series sensor and MFC 300 converter module) is now approved for hazardous area use, including FM Class 1, Div. 1. The company says it has successfully transferred the proven straight tube technology from its more sophisticated Optimass 7000 series to the 1000 series using a dual tube configuration.

Krohne’s design is more compact than traditional “U” tube configurations. The 1000 series offers a lower-price alternative to the existing 7000 series when all the features, wide size range, and high precision of the latter are not necessary for an application. Even the economy model is capable of

The 1000 series offers four sizes, with nominal measuring ranges of 175, 735, 2200, and 4600 lb/min. The optional MFC 300 converter module is a sophisticated transmitter that mates with the sensor and provides output conversion (mass to volume for a range of densities) and extensive diagnostic functions.

— Control Engineering Daily News Desk Peter Welander , process industries editor