Flowmeter: Ultrasonic design thrives on difficult, dirty liquids

Flowmeter has no problems with applications that could clog or fool other sensor configurations.

By Control Engineering Staff October 16, 2008

The Sono-Trak Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter from Emco Flow Systems can handle measuring tasks with fluids that are difficult if not impossible for many other technologies.

The company says this non-invasive advanced ultrasonic technology can calculate accurate flow velocities even with liquids containing suspended particles or bubbles, including agricultural water, hazardous wastes, extremely viscous substances, reservoir outflows, raw sewage, paper pulp, and slurries.

Adaptable to pipe sizes from 2 to 100 in., the Sono-Trak Doppler flowmeter senses and measures the frequency shift in motion from reflective materials within a liquid. The device uses two transducers mounted side-by-side, operating as ultrasonic signal transmitters and receivers. The flowmeter creates no obstructions, produces no associated pressures drops, and provides accuracy ratings of

The transmitter includes a user-friendly display with on-screen prompting and keyboard entry. The display reads pulse, voltage and analog rates, as well as built-in high/low limit alarms, 4-20 mA signals and an echo light to indicate accurate readings. The flowmeter is rated for temperatures from -40 to 300 °F and a velocity range of 0.1 to 50 ft/sec. With no moving parts, it is virtually maintenance free, and it is available in both fixed and portable units.

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