Fluid Automation Systems acquired; added to IMI’s Norgren group

Littleton, CO—IMI plc reports that it’s buying Fluid Automation Systems (FAS) and will add FAS to IMI’s Norgren group

By Control Engineering Staff July 2, 2004

Littleton, CO— IMI plc reports that it’s buying Fluid Automation Systems (FAS) and will add FAS to IMI’s Norgren group. FAS specializes in miniature solenoid valves and customized solutions. Norgren supplies motion and fluid control solutions, and is the largest subsidiary in IMI’s $2.8-billion international engineering group.

FAS operates two manufacturing facilities near Geneva, Switzerland, and employs 263 people, including 45 engineers. Because of its sustained organic growth, FAS reports that it has a well-established European user base, including customers in the medical, printing, semiconductor, textile, sanitary, instrumentation, and beverage machinery sectors. These markets reportedly are well aligned with Norgren’s markets, and offer many excellent collaborative opportunities for development and growth. FAS also has made inroads into key medical and semiconductor accounts in the U.S.

With most of its existing sales serving 10-mm and 15-mm application, FAS adds that its focus on miniature solenoids represents a good fit with Norgren’s existing solenoid valve capabilities. FAS will complement the larger sizes offered by Norgren’s Webber, Buschjost and KIP ranges, which include 22-mm to 30-mm and larger applications.

Both companies report that they share a common vision of creating competitive advantage for users through a close understanding of their business needs and processes, and the development of inventive, application-specific solutions. Freddy Sarfati and Peter Merz, joint MDs and FAS’ co-founders, say that, ‘This is a very welcome and positive move that will secure a strong future for FAS, and provide many excellent opportunities for sustained growth. We are absolutely convinced that Norgren will bring the right depth of understanding, proven track record and clear strategy, as well as all the advantages of a truly global sales and service organization backed by the financial strength of IMI.’

Sean Toomes, Norgren’s international marketing VP, adds that, ‘We recognize and value very highly FAS’s reputation and proven expertise in miniature solenoid valve technology, as well as its innovative and pioneering enterprise culture. There is an excellent fit between our two companies’ common customers, target market sectors and product ranges which will create a powerful new partnership.’

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