Form factor computing boards designed to deliver greater efficiency

Small computing boards designed for harsh environments are also said to optimize connectivity and device intelligence.
By Control Engineering Staff March 18, 2009

Brockton, MACarlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions , a provider of electronic packaging, also offers a range of electronics enclosures that protect sensitive electronics, such as small form-factor computing boards, to be deployed in harsh environments. These computing boards are said to allow

Gavazzi XP-SR series of rugged PCI expansion chasses
Gavazzi XP-SR series of rugged PCI expansion chasses.

customers to upgrade current systems and bring increased efficiency, connectivity and intelligences to a range of applications, including: wire line and wireless; SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition); control panels; RTU (remote terminal unit); and IED (intelligent electronic devices).
The reduced thermal, power, and size advances that are being made in small factor boards, coupled with Carlo Gavazzi’s system enclosures that protect these sensitive electronics from the elements, are allowing engineers to design equipment that is more portable and better suited for remote “point of process” applications.

– Edited by David Greenfield , editorial director

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